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WATE Community & Culture award winner

About the Community and Culture Award

WATE Community and Culture is awarded to communities who work together to create, promote and sustain a culture which enables transformative education. People work together to build the conditions for teaching excellence, and a learning environment where all members of the community can thrive and grow as they work and learn together.

Winner - Film and Television Studies, School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures

Film and Television Studies (FTV) has an international and pioneering reputation in the teaching and research of the discipline. It has a pedagogical philosophy based on the principle of research-led teaching which sees staff and students defined as joint partners in the generation of knowledge. We identify all students as researchers and therefore expect their active participation in the development of all learning activities and initiatives. Over the last years we have implemented a number of curriculum changes based on student demand and in direct consultation with students. These changes have resulted in a vibrant teaching and research culture that creates the conditions for learning excellence.

Finalist - Education Studies

The ecological approach we take in our diverse Education Studies Community provides a way for us to enhance our understanding and engagement with each other. We value all members – staff and students alike – and what they offer to the inclusive community we have excellence can thrive in teaching and learning within and beyond the formal classroom settings. Consulting and including students within decision-making processes, effective mentoring for students and staff, and making sure student have opportunities to grow and develop skills for future employability is what makes our community approach successful and what encourages all members to have a voice.

About the Education Studies department

The Education Studies department consists of approximately 120 UG students (single and joint honours), 200 PGT students, 90 PGR students and 30 members of staff. We represent over 20 different countries. We view education as life-long and society-wide. We are a multidisciplinary department and our degree offer reflects that.

Finalist - Language teaching: School of Modern Languages and Cultures

The SMLC is hugely diverse, encompassing four academic language sections, Translation Studies and the Language Centre. We teach 10 languages in an almost infinite array of combinations. Communication across our staff team and student body is vital to ensure students feel heard and included in all aspects of their studies. Key areas in which our community spirit has come into its own in COVID-19, post-Brexit times are: the Year Abroad, outreach work with schools, using technology to maintain interactive language learning online, re-designing assessment to make it fair and purposeful, and promoting fun, enriching extra-curricular learning.

About SMLC

The SMLC is one of the leading departments of Modern Languages nationally, both for teaching and research, and it is strategically central to Warwick’s vision as an interdisciplinary and international institution.

We have joint degrees with 8 departments across the Arts and Social Sciences, and we also teach around 2000 students (UG and PG) from across the university every year in the Language Centre. We produce students who are interdisciplinary, intercultural, multilingual and agile, equipping them with essential skills 21st-century graduates need.