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WATE Collaborative award winners

About the Collaborative Awards

The collaborative awards recognise the work of teams and groups of people who create teaching excellence and have a positive impact upon student learning and the learning experience, and whose approach to collaborative working, their practices, behaviours, and values are in themselves excellent.

Winner - Community Values Education Programme

We work with students and staff to create and deliver activities and resources to promote a strong values-driven community at Warwick. We are based within the Dean of Students' Office. We introduce students to Warwick's five guiding principles and support them to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills to carry out safe interventions in response to inappropriate behaviours (such as sexual misconduct) through Active Bystander workshops and courses. Alongside promoting the Active Bystander approach, we work with academic departments and key groups such as the taskforces to respond to needs around values education and develop relevant resources to support learning.
About the Community Values Education Programme
CVEP works with partners across the university through the Dean of Students Office to embed meaningful values education throughout the learning and experience of Warwick students, supporting students to meet the challenges they face and to uphold and apply our community values in university spaces and beyond.

Highly Commended - Warwick Postgraduate Teaching Community (WPTC)

Postgraduate researchers make an important contribution through their teaching in Higher Education. Our community of practice emerged from an initial remit to provide a ‘digital hub’ for PGR teachers; a central space for communicating and sharing of practice. However Warwick PTC has strived to do much more, producing a central web space and active social media presence; a Moodle-based resource repository; a pilot cross-institutional course for PGRs; a new journal for PGRs to articulate and explore their teaching (the Journal of PGR Pedagogic Practice) and a survey about the experience of teaching at Warwick, which has highlighted both real challenges and opportunities in PGR teacher provision. These initial outputs have led to exciting new initiatives, spearheaded by a new PGR team, for 2022 and beyond.

About Warwick Postgraduate Teaching Community

Warwick Postgraduate Teaching Community (WPTC) is a university-wide community of practice for postgraduate researchers (PGRs) to share and support each other's teaching practice and continuing professional development, form a social nucleus, and improve student experience. WPTC is led by experienced, cross-faculty PGRs working in collaboration with a colleague in the Academic Development Centre. The founding team included Pierre Botcherby and Josh Patel (History); Sahar Shah and Joy Oti (School of Law); Kate Lewis and Matthew Harwood (School of Life Sciences); Liz Bishop (School of Engineering); Matteo Mazzamurro (Computer Science) and Sara Hattersley (Academic Development Centre).

Commended - Tackling Racial Inequality at Warwick (TRIW)

The TRIW team, through the delivery of our anti-racism staff development programme, has contributed to making Warwick a more inclusive place for all members of our community by ensuring racial diversity is recognised, understood and valued. By better preparing staff to engage with Warwick’s diverse student body, both inside and outside the classroom, our programme ensures staff appreciate and value Warwick’s racial diversity and provides them with the tools to engage with such diversity. In doing so, we aim to make Warwick a more attractive institution for students of colour through demonstrating the institution’s active commitment to anti-racism.

About Tackling Racial Inequality at Warwick
The TRIW Team is led by Dr Anil Awesti (CLL), and in 2021-22 includes Mark Hinton (CLL), Dr Lydia Plath (History), Anne Wilson (Student Opportunity), Poonam Pedley (Student Opportunity), Lisa Field (Strategy Group), Dr Modupe Jimoh (Engineering), and Dr Jagjeet Jutley-Neilson (Psychology). In 2019-2020, the Team also included Dr Meleisa Ono-George (Oxford) and Prof Paul Warmington (Coventry).