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WATE Social Sciences winners

About the Social Sciences Faculty Award

The Social Sciences Faculty Award recognises the achievements of Warwick's outstanding educators who have enabled excellent learning, creating the conditions within which all students are supported and empowered to succeed and thrive.

Winner - Jane Bryan (School of Law)

I had a promising career as a solicitor, swapping courtroom for campus when I realised that whilst I enjoyed practising law, my real passion lay in teaching and supporting others to learn, and in using advocacy and dialogue to connect and develop others, and to build and repair the bonds that hold us as a community. I created and lead Warwick Mediation, introducing and embedding mediation training and services within the student and staff experience at Warwick and beyond. I also conceived and lead the ‘Say My Name’ project promoting the importance of respecting names to foster inclusion and belonging.

About Jane

Jane is a Reader in Warwick Law School, Academic Lead of the Community Values Education Programme in the Dean of Student’s Office and Lead of Warwick Mediation. She is a Senior Fellow of the HEA, a WIHEA Foundation Fellow, Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE) Fellow and elected Senate Assembly Representative.

Highly Commended - Cath Lambert (Sociology)

My pedagogic practice has influence on students and colleagues across the university. It is informed by a philosophical stance that recognises both the limitations and possibilities of teaching and learning and sees teaching as a vital resource for social and political change. I am committed to disciplinary and interdisciplinary pedagogies (and the interconnections between them) and to the development of creative curricula interventions. I also lead on research and teaching projects which enable me to share good practice and resources with colleagues and influence university developments.

About Cath

Cath's teaching and research activities focus on critical pedagogies, queer theory, kinship, and creative methods. Her work includes exciting projects and adventures in research, teaching, art, writing and performance. She collaborates with creative practitioners including Fierce Festival, Stan’s Cafe, and Vincent Dance Theatre.

Commended - Cheryl Cane (Education Studies)

I have an enthusiasm for learning, and create a climate of belonging, valuing the unique contribution of individuals, personalising assessment, experiencing education as art and finding ‘lessons’ within self. I believe that excellence is a collaborative process, shaped by all participants, and I would therefore like to honour the students and colleagues who have helped to shape me as a practitioner.

About Cheryl

Cheryl is an Assistant Professor in the Education Studies department. She is also the Director of Student Experience and Progression (DSEP) for the department. She teaches across the UG and PGT programmes specialising in: arts-based learning, storytelling drama for educational purposes, drama and literacy and narrative inquiry.

Finalist - Adina Covaci (Philosophy)

In my teaching, I pursue 3 main goals: 1) to encourage students to see the importance of philosophy beyond the classroom; 2) to get students to do philosophy and be partners in the learning process, rather than just absorb information; 3) to create an inclusive environment where student well-being is central and all voices are heard. To meet these aims, I employ a variety of active teaching methods, I focus on inclusivity, and I promote holistic learning. I continue to stay curious about how I can develop as a teacher, and I thank my students for teaching me so much!

About Adina

Adina is a Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy department. Adina received her PhD in 2019 and joined the University of Warwick in 2020. She has worked in moral philosophy and in the past couple of years has been convening the modules “Key Debates in Moral and Political Philosophy” and “Applied Ethics”.

Postgraduates who teach award: Social Sciences Faculty

About the Postgraduates who teach award

We also celebrate the exceptional work of colleagues at a very early stage in their academic career, through the award for Postgraduates who teach and support learning in the Social Sciences Faculty.

Winner - Cherisse Francis (School of Law)

While teaching for the Law School and CVEP since September 2021 I have sought to create a better experience for my students than my own legal education. My methodologies deviate from the traditional legal rote and recall in order to foster more socially aware, critical, and progressive students. Instead, I often use case studies, debates and role-play. As pedagogy advises I recognize students as whole and diverse individuals, addressing their concerns and integrating their feedback to guide developments in my work. Reflecting on my professional experiences also keeps students engaged while preparing them for the world outside education.

About Cherisse

Cherisse is Doctoral Candidate in the Law School. Influenced by her legal career she researches trafficking in persons in the Anglophone Caribbean. Since joining Warwick Cherisse has immersed herself in teaching within the Law School and CVEP as well as representing PGRs on the SSLC and in ED&I matters.

Winner - William Gildea (Philosophy)

My teaching is guided by the values of inclusive community, agency, and lifelong reach. Building an inclusive community from before term begins creates a positive, relaxed atmosphere in which students can collaborate on the exciting moral and political questions we consider. This atmosphere in turn supports a sense of agency. This agency enables active, problem-based learning, which I encourage by posing a problem at the beginning of each seminar which acts as a clear way into complex topics. And the analytical, values-focussed conversations students share in build skills for life far beyond graduation.

About William

William Gildea is a seminar tutor in Philosophy and PAIS. His PhD research on the question of why human beings matter morally for their own sake, and to what extent the other animals matter morally too.

Commended - Giulia Lorenzi (Philosophy)

In teaching seminars of Philosophy at Warwick, I am mostly guided by the desire to share the enjoyment and enthusiasm I feel in doing philosophy. On one hand, I want my students to be familiarised with, and understand the major debates and views in the philosophical literature. On the other hand, what I really aim to in my sessions is to provide a welcoming space to enjoy and exercise philosophy together. Thus, I am very keen in making my seminars engaging employing several types of activities, and creating a welcoming, positive learning environment, and a friendly community.

About Giulia

Giulia Lorenzi is a PhD candidate in the Department of Philosophy at University of Warwick and a horn player. Her research concerns topics in philosophy of mind, action, perception and music. Her PhD thesis aims to develop an account of the distinctiveness of the auditory experience of listening to music.

Commended - Diogo Carneiro (Philosophy)

I came to develop an overall teaching approach built on dialogue attempting to have an easy, friendly and inclusive but focused conversational tone that allows for serious but non-intimidating philosophical discussions. The aim is to guide students to go beyond the lectures and the materials by bringing them into a conversation where they are allowed to ‘do’ philosophy, rather than just discuss it. This involves listening and engaging with the students’ contributions, probe them to further their arguments, challenge these, and offer alternative perspectives — all with the goal of letting them further explore their (and other) points of view together.

About Diogo

Diogo is an early-career researcher working on moral and political philosophy, particularly on social justice and objectivity. Diogo has a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Warwick, a M.A. in PPE from the University of York, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from NOVA University of Lisbon.