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Organised along similar lines to a professional body, the Academy aims to develop and embed outstanding learning and teaching at Warwick, in line with the distinctive nature of the University and the excellent reputation we have for academic achievement, both in research and teaching. The Academy also works to increase the recognition and reward of outstanding achievements in learning and teaching for individuals, teams and the institution as a whole.

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By establishing the Warwick International Higher Education Academy, the University of Warwick has invested more than £5 million into furthering excellence in learning and teaching at Warwick. This deliberate commitment to a conceptually broad academic and collaborative voice for learning and teaching befits the institution’s continued commitment to academic freedom, the discipline-specific nature of teaching as well as our students’ ability to continue to contribute to the shaping of their education.

The Academy regularly invites external speakers, visiting fellows and international fellows to Warwick to inspire, educate and challenge our educational thinking. We welcome collaboration on developing teaching excellence with peers in the UK and across the world. WIHEA is particularly proud of its connection to the Monash Education Academy. The two Academies were established alongside each other in 2015 by Professor Christina Hughes (Warwick) and Professor Darrell Evans (Monash) as sister organisations.

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