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WIHEA Funding


WIHEA Project Funding

WIHEA seeks to recognise, develop and embed outstanding academic practices that enhance student opportunities to 'learn beyond boundaries'. Our project funding aims to enable collaborative partnerships between staff and students to directly improve the learning experience. Proposals are invited for development and dissemination projects which result in guidance for departments, programme teams and individuals on six strategic priorities.

 WIHEA Strategic Priorities

A: Student Research
B: Internationalisation
C: Interdisciplinarity
D: Student Engagement
E: Assessment & Feedback
F: Group Work
Successful projects are likely to offer an online resource which includes a conceptual introduction to the selected priority, case studies of successful embedded practices, comparison and reference to resources at peer institutions and/or pedagogical literature.
Descriptions of the strategic priorities
Fellows can discuss project ideas in our Fellows Forum.


International Visiting Schemes Funding

Its aim is to develop and embed internationally recognised outstanding practice by encouraging leading practitioners in teaching and pedagogical innovation across the world to share and engage with a wide cross-section of the University, providing staff and students the opportunity to challenge and engage in an international context.

Find out more about our past and present funded projects. If you would like further information do not hesitate to contact the Project Lead directly or email

2017-18 Funded Projects
2015-16 Funded Projects

Getting Involved

Leadership roles within funded projects and consultancy activities are expected to be taken on by WIHEA Fellows. Colleagues from across the University are welcome to join or initiate bidding in collaboration with a WIHEA Fellow.