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WIHEA Funding


Funding Schemes

WIHEA seeks to recognise, develop and embed outstanding academic practices that enhance student opportunities to 'learn beyond boundaries' and in support of this manages four funding schemes:

Scheme 1 - WIHEA Internal Project Fund (up to £5k per project) - 2021/22 Call now closed

Scheme 2 - Monash Warwick Alliance Education Exchange Scheme - on hold

Scheme 3 - International Visiting Teaching Fellowship Scheme - on hold

Scheme 4 - WIHEA External Collaboration Fund (up to £4k per project) - 2021/22 Call now closed

Each WIHEA funding scheme has a dedicated proposal/application form and guidance notes, these will be made available on this page when the relevant call is open for proposals.

Strategic Priorities

Alongside, WIHEA's overarching commitment to Internationalisation, Interdisciplinarity and Student Research, WIHEA's internal funding scheme invites project proposals that support the development and dissemination of good practice in the following strategic areas:

  • Student Engagement and Inclusion
  • Digital Education
  • Assessment
  • Teaching Leadership
  • Curriculum Design & Development

Successful proposals are likely to offer an online resource, case studies of successful embedded practices, comparison and reference to resources at peer institutions and/or pedagogical literature. All WIHEA funding proposals/applications must be submitted or supported by a WIHEA Fellow and require a declaration of support from the Head of Department.



New to 2021/22! External Collaboration Fund

WIHEA were pleased to announce a new pilot collaboration fund was launched in Term 1. Aimed at enabling the development of collaborations between two or more Higher Education Institutions to develop and share knowledge, experience and capabilities to address current challenges within the HE Sector, this fund offered up to a max of £4k per project, to fund 4 projects. Priority areas for this funding to address includes:

  • Inclusive education
  • Blended learning and assessment
  • Sustainability in Education
  • Student and Staff Wellbeing
The call is now closed. More information about the projects that have been funded are listed below.

2021/22 Funded Projects (Internal)

This year 12 internal projects have been awarded funding. Please see the list of projects below. More information on the progress of each projectLink opens in a new window will follow as the projects progress.

  • Co-creating Interactive e-Assessments
  • Development of Software for Improving Student Feedback
  • Digital Pedagogies Library (Phase 2)
  • Learning Study Skills with Game-Based Learning Pedagogy
  • Active Bystanders in the Teaching Space
  • Creating a ‘Support the Supporter’ resource for Student Research
  • Empowering Authentic Student Voices in a Disciplinary & Interdisciplinary context
  • Assessments: Capturing lived experience and shaping the future
  • Warwick Sustainability Challenge
  • Supporting Neurodivergent Student's learning & student experience (Phase 2)
  • Operation Seminar
  • Peer Learning: Recognising, training and rewarding peer-to-peer mentors at Warwick



Find out more …..

To find out more about WIHEA funded projects, please browse the following:

Should you like information on past Monash Exchanges and international visits or further information on any of the funding schemes, please email: 

2021/22 Funded Projects (External Collaborations)

Four projects have been awarded funding during the pilot of this fund.

A description of each project is now available.Link opens in a new window More information will follow as the projects progress.

  • Participating Inclusive Education: Co-creating open spaces for learning (University College Birmingham)
  • How does blended learning impact affective correlates of student learning and experience (University West London)
  • Online induction resource and publication for supporting foundation and pre-masters international students to transition to UK universities (University of Sussex)
  • The Midlands Racial Equality in Medicine Network (University of Leicester & University of Keele)