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WIHEA Funding

In-line with Government advice, currently no overseas travel on University business can be funded, so we will not consider international applications involving travel until this advice changes.


WIHEA Funding Opportunities

WIHEA seeks to recognise, develop and embed outstanding academic practices that enhance student opportunities to 'learn beyond boundaries' and in support of this manages three funding schemes:

Scheme 1 - WIHEA Project Funding (up to £4k per project)

Scheme 2 - Monash Warwick Alliance Education Exchange Scheme (on hold)

Scheme 3 - International Visiting Teaching Fellowship Scheme (on hold)

WIHEA Strategic Priorities

Alongside, WIHEA's overarching commitment to Internationalisation, Interdisciplinarity and Student Research, project proposals that support the development and dissemination of good practice in the following strategic areas are invited:

  • Student Engagement and Inclusion
  • Digital Education
  • Assessment
  • Teaching Leadership
  • Curriculum Design & Development

Successful proposals are likely to offer an online resource, case studies of successful embedded practices, comparison and reference to resources at peer institutions and/or pedagogical literature.



Submitting a Proposal or Application

  • Each WIHEA funding scheme has a dedicated proposal/application form and guidance notes.
  • All WIHEA funding proposals/applications must be submitted or supported by a WIHEA Fellow and require a declaration of support from the Head of Department.
  • Completed proposals/applications must have the required signatures to be considered, please email them to

Scheme 1:

WIHEA Project Funding

The Term 1 Call for WIHEA Project Proposals has now concluded. The following projects are to be funded:

  • Co-Creation to Critically Engage with Employability
  • Core Skills for Apprentices
  • Digital Pedagogies Library
  • PGR Teacher Digital Hub
  • Learning from crisis: taking our pandemic learning into the future
  • Listening @ Warwick
  • Interdisciplinary Staff Hub
  • Student Experience and Neurodiversity
  • Wellbeing of Student-facing Staff

More information on each project will follow shortly.

Unfortunately, there will be no further funding calls this academic year.



Find out more …..

To find out more about WIHEA funded projects and visits, please browse the following:

Scheme 2 & 3:

The Monash Warwick Alliance Education Exchange Scheme and the International Visiting Fellowship Scheme are both currently closed.

Further information on both of these funding schemes will follow soon.

Should you have any questions or would like further information on any of the funding schemes, please email: