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Get Involved with WIHEA

The Academy is a collaborative community, comprising of fellows, alumni and members who each have a demonstrable commitment to learning and teaching and collectively represent the global and interdisciplinary staff and student body at Warwick. Students, academic staff and professional service staff can become members of WIHEA and benefit from the many activities, events and networks the Academy offers, on the basis of a proven record of achievement in learning and teaching.

How can I engage with the Warwick International Higher Education Academy?

Members of staff and students from the University of Warwick are invited to engage with the Academy to develop, embed and highlight our outstanding learning and teaching, in line with the distinctive nature of the University and the excellent reputation we have for academic achievement, both in research and teaching. We host and deliver a range of staff and student events, activities and funding opportunities to support this.

You can get involved or share your outstanding academic practices across the University and beyond in a number of ways including attending open events, joining as a WIHEA Member or becoming a WIHEA Fellow.

WIHEA Membership

Staff and students are welcome to become a member of the Academy. Members can join at any time throughout the year, by emailing a request to join to As a member of WIHEA you will receive a monthly newsletter and regularly be invited to events that have been designed to help you in your teaching and in your career. A range of seminars by nationally and internationally renowned external speakers come with networking opportunities that you can tap into to learn from others’ good practice, or offer to share your own. You will also meet the Fellows who lead a range of development projects across the University, which you may want to join or learn from and possibly widen your external network as opportunities for members from other HEIs to attend Academy events increase.

Being a member of WIHEA and actively engaging with the Academy’s teaching and learning activities not only makes your commitment to learning and teaching at Warwick visible but will assist you keeping up to date with the progress of strategic, policy and practice developments. It will also give you an insight into the role of a WIHEA Fellow and whether a further commitment to apply for Fellowship is for you. Moreover, you become part of a growing voice (staff and students) for learning and teaching at Warwick.

WIHEA Fellowship

WIHEA Staff and Student Fellows are recruited once a year, they are selected through an application and nomination route. Staff Fellows commit to the role and making an institutional contribution to learning and teaching at Warwick for three years, whilst Student Fellows commit to the role for one year.

Being a WIHEA Fellow makes your commitment to learning and teaching more visible and as the work of the Academy is partly to raise the standing and recognition of learning and teaching within the institution, routes for doing so will be regularly discussed as part of the WIHEA programme of opportunities. Working with the Academic Development Centre (ADC), we will help you find your way into the AdvanceHE national accreditation scheme and discuss how Staff colleagues have received recognition for their teaching and learning achievements and leadership, both through external recognition and promotion.

Staff and Student Fellows have the opportunity to develop and show leadership of learning and teaching, including engagement with national and international peers, an aspect which is crucial to successful promotion or career development and attend Educational Leadership Development Training. Above all, the Academy offers a network of teaching- and learning-minded staff and students who will keep you encouraged and inspired.

Can only University of Warwick staff and students engage with the Academy?

Staff from other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are also invited to engage and collaborate with the Academy, please visit our WIHEA Connect pages for information on activities and events aimed at wider engagement. Staff from other HEIs can also become an external member so that they can be automatically informed of such activities. To request this type of membership please email