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The call for WIHEA Fellowship nominations is now open and

will close at 12 noon, Friday, 11 December 2020.

What is a WIHEA Fellowship?

WIHEA works to give a collective voice to learning and teaching at Warwick through projects, policy influence, governance and exchange of good practice. The Academy is nationally and internationally connected to education networks, research, collaborations and exchanges.

Fellowships are of great benefit to the individual Fellows, their departments or professional service and the wider university community. By becoming a Fellow, staff and students can take part in exchanges, projects, learning circles, proposing teaching and learning policy or develop new academic practice that enhance the student experience and student outcomes.

A WIHEA Fellowship is an outstanding opportunity to engage with colleagues across the university, make a genuine difference to Warwick and strengthen your own career development.

There are currently 93 Fellows and our annual selection process recruits on average 25 Fellows each year.

What is the role of a Fellow?

Fellows take on institutional or Faculty roles that help embed good practice in learning and teaching across the University. This can take many forms:

  • Fellows can bid for project funding to embed agreed practice, or review and redesign existing practices.
  • Fellows may represent the teaching 'voice' by taking part in the formal governance of the University through committees, sub-committees and working groups.
  • Fellows have the opportunity to inform Warwick's strategic and practical thinking on learning and teaching, as and when new challenges or ambitions arise.
  • Fellows are able to develop expertise in areas of interest and seek to develop influence within the institution to enhance practice and policy.

In addition to either being a member of a Warwick committee, subcommittee and/or working group, we would expect you to have either a leading role in a learning & teaching funded project or assist in a consultancy capacity to support the strategic direction of learning and teaching at Warwick. We would also expect you to attend our regular (approximately every 6 weeks) Fellow networking sessions and support a range of Academy events/activities.

How do I become a Fellow?

Faculty Chairs, the Registrar, University Librarian, HR Director, Heads of Department, the Student Union and existing WIHEA Fellows are invited annually to nominate new Fellows. A call across the University then goes out for individuals to apply.

All staff applicants or nominees are expected to show a record of commitment to learning and teaching and some experience of leading good practice development for instance through projects, mentoring or curriculum development by providing a statement. As part of the appointment process, the Academy requires confirmation from the relevant Head of Department or Professional Service whether they support a Staff Fellowship appointment, this should be included in the nomination statement.

For a student to be considered they must be nominated by a current WIHEA Fellow.

Students nominated must either currently be involved in a WIHEA funded project or a member of an SSLC, or are specifically nominated for their contribution to the development of learning and teaching.

The selection of WIHEA Fellows remains a competitive process and the Academy’s Advisory Group make the final selection.

Guidance & Nomination/Application Forms

Due to Covid-19 the call for nominations this year has been released in November 2020. The selection of Fellows will take place between the end of Autumn Term and start of Spring Term (12 Dec 2020 - 11 Jan 2021) and will result in the new cohort of Fellows starting on 1 February 2021 (staff Fellowships will end on 31 January 2024 and students' on 31 January 2022). The 2020 guidance notes and nomination forms are below:

Should you like to learn more about WIHEA and the reflections of past Fellows, please browse our annual reports.

If you have any questions after reading the guidance about the WIHEA Fellowship or selection process, please email