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WIHEA Inaugural Lectures

WIHEA Inaugural Lectures are opportunities to celebrate current Fellows who are newly promoted or appointed Professors and to inform colleagues in the University, family, friends and the general public, about their teaching career so far and future directions.

Hosted in partnership with the department the lecture and a closing question and answer session are live streamed and available for all to view and pose questions. Invited guests will also have an opportunity to congratulate and socialise with the Professor at a drinks reception following the lecture.

All inaugural lectures are captured by either audio recording or video and are available on the following pages.

Recent WIHEA Inaugural Lectures:

Richard Smith at his inaugural lecture

Professor Richard Smith, Applied Linguistics

Teaching in Difficult Circumstances revisited - again?!

2 June 2023

Professor Miriam Gifford, Life Sciences

A communication conversation: the dialogic between plants, microbes and us!

12 June 2023

Miriam Gifford at her inaugural lecture

Previous WIHEA Inaugural Lectures:

Professor Margaret Low, WMG

Inaugural Lecture: 9 May 2019

Margaret Low at her inaugural lecture
Professor Michael Scott, Classics

Inaugural Lecture: 20 February 2019

Michael Scott at his inaugural lecture
Professor Andrew Clark, Chemistry

Inaugural Lecture: 9 May 2018

Andrew Clark headshot
Professor Kevin Moffatt, SLS

Inaugural Lecture: 29 March 2017

Kevin Moffat in an astronaut suit