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Peter Blegvad

Imagine, Observe, Remember

Imagine, Observe, Remember

The piece was performed twice only in the CAPITAL Centre Studio on Thursday 12 March at 7 and 8.15pm.

"IMAGINE, OBSERVE, REMEMBER" compared and contrasted the three mental faculties with which we apprehend and fabricate our realities and fictions. Exercises and experiments using writing, drawing and other media exposed and explored a range of cognitive and creative processes. The aim was to enhance appreciation of our present powers and to cultivate new ones.

Peter Blegvad led 10 weekly 2 hour Workshops in the Studio space, CAPITAL Centre, Warwick University, in the Spring Term, January to March, 2009
Thursdays 6:00 to 8:00.

STRUCTURE: 2 hours

• 1st hour: illustrated lecture with exercises, experiments, guests, etc.

• 2nd hour: revising/rehearsing the scripted THEATRE PERFORMANCE which we’ll publicly unveil in Week 10. Peter will provide students with a script which we’ll collaboratively revise. Title: “On Imaginary Media”. This will take the form of a performance/lecture with projected images and live music on the subject of media that do not exist. And on the frustrated desires that make us dream they do. To see the performance click here.

Listen to Peter talking about his project:

Media that will remove all obstacles to the immediate gratification of our every whim!