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Creativity and Performance in Teaching and Learning Colloquium

Friday 18- Saturday 19 September 2009

CAPITAL Centre, University of Warwick


The CAPITAL Centre is making new space for play. In our purpose built teaching spaces: a studio, rehearsal room, and writers’ room, we have embarked, in collaboration with play-makers of all kinds (writers, directors, and theatre companies), on projects that bring together students and actors, academics and theatre practitioners, to share their artistic practice, to work on texts and performances, to devise practitioner-led theatre research projects, to embody creative thinking, creative process. As a HEFCE-funded CETL, the CAPITAL’s objective is to explore the potential for using theatre performance skills and experience to enhance student learning across the disciplines.

This two-day symposium addressed the role of space, performance and pedagogy in higher education and highlighted CAPITAL’s interdisciplinary work. Interactive presentations demonstrated the application of principles of open-space learning to Chemistry, Health, Law, Philosophy, Cultural Policy, English and Performance Studies. There were roundtable discussions of Open Space Learning and skills training and an opportunity to share teaching practice and experience.



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