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The CAPITAL Centre is utilising blogging in its work with students, encouraging the process of documenting personal reflections via blogs as a valuable part of the learning experience. This page provides links to some of the writing currently being produced.

The Complete Works Festival

The CAPITAL Centre supported a major student involvement with all aspects of the RSC Shakespeare Complete Works festival 2006-7 providing a significant opportunity for students to contribute not only to performance but to all aspects of production and organization of a major international arts festival. The staging of the entire Shakespearean repertoire in one place within a single 12-month period is unprecedented in four centuries. Students working with the CAPITAL Centre have created personal diaries of their experience of the Festival.

The Bardathon by Peter Kirwan

My Complete Works Festival by William Shakespeare by Brian Lighthill

A Concise Report on My Work Experience at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre(PDF Document) by Motochika (JA) Kusaka

A Week's Work Experience with the RSC: The Berliner Ensemble(Word Document) by Katherine Ong

Translating Italian Theatre by Alessandra De Martino-Cappuccio

My Work Experience at the RSC by Anastasia Podlesnaia


Project blogs

As a way of exploring the work being done on modules and projects, students are encouraged to set up blogs to disseminate their ideas and encourage feedback.

The Shakespeare Project : Students taking Shakespeare and Selected Dramatists discuss issues arising from their work.

The Oedipus Project : Students and staff on the Oedipus Project keep a photographic record of the project.

 Warwick Blogs