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Brian Lighthill

Brian Lighthill is a PhD student based in the Institute of Education, whose field of research is the teaching of 'Shakespeare studies', at KS3. He wants to examine whether Shakespeare's plays can be a useful pedagogic tool with which to teach 'Citizenship' and 'Personal, Social and Health Education'. He came up with the idea of writing in the persona of the Bard himself – “revisiting my home town and celebrating my retrospective”. He reports “the conceit, as you can see, has grown on me (I now have to remember which persona I 'truly' inhabit when in the audience ‑ especially if I disapprove of what the Director has 'done to my work!')”. He sums up his background as “five years a Chartered Accountant (an aberration), seven years an Actor (in Theatre in Education, Reps, West End, Touring around the country), twenty years a Drama Director/Producer (Radio and Television) ‑ and now, back to school as my life comes full circle and I research the pedagogy of T.I.E.”

My Complete Works Festival by William Shakespeare by Brian Lighthill