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Photo opportunities

This section is devoted to listing opportunities for photography in the near and more distant future. It is not complete. We are still adding new events on a regular basis. Check back regularly, or set the automatic notify for this page.

03-11-2009   Practical recording and editing sessions Ian O'Donoghue  
05-11-2009 11:30-12:30 & 3:30-4:30 Contemporary Performance Practice Susan Haedicke Michelle Nicholson
04-12-2009   Impro module Tim Lone  
09-12-2009   Performance installation attached to Nicolas Whybrow's City module (TBC) Nicolas Whybrow Sita Thomas
up to wk 8   Pictures of John Gray (Codpiece / Freshblood) for WAC studio
Thomasin Bailey/Jon Pashley Caitlin Ince, Sita Thomas
up to wk8 1-6pm Beckett workshops (student ensemble) CAPITAL Centre Jonny Heron Wei Jean Cheah
To 19 Nov.   Beckett Shorts rehearsal, CAPITAL Studio (Fail Better) Jonny Heron  
21-22 November All weekend New Plays in New Ways rehearsals Lorne Campbell  
27 November 1-6pm Beckett and the Brain (colloquium including reading by Rosemary Poultney) CAPITAL Studio, Jonny Heron  
up to 28 November   The Mercy Seat (dress rehearsal 28/11 12pm CAPITAL) Melanie Watts  
1 December 6-7pm Performance of devised piece around Angels in America, CAPITAL Studio (for World Aids Day) Jonny Heron  
6 December   New Plays in New Ways rehearsals Lorne Campbell  
7-8 December 7pm and 9pm Burton Taylor Studio at Oxford Playhouse, Beckett Shorts (Fail Better), dress/technical rehearsals and performances Jonny Heron Bohdan Piasecki
up to Tm2 Wk 2   Threepenny opera (OperaWarwick) Ben Hamilton/Genny Raghu Bohdan Piasecki (Term 2)
23-4 January All weekend New Plays in New Ways rehearsals Lorne Campbell  
15-19 February   ReCreating in Play, workshop Tarell McCraney  
20-21 February All weekend New Plays in New Ways rehearsals Lorne Campbell  
5 March 7pm Greyscale performance CAPITAL Studio Lorne Campbell  
30 April-1May   New Work Festival, CAPITAL Centre, performance pieces and Darkling Images exhibition