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Research projects

Research Projects

CIM's mission is to conduct world-class research by pioneering, testing and promoting interdisciplinary methods and approaches.

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09 Jan 2022


Delivering Enhanced Biodiversity Information with Adaptive Citizen Science and Intelligent Digital Engagements

01 Jan 2022

Beyond the Lab

An Empirical Philosophy of Intelligent Vehicle Testing

01 Feb 2021

Sampling Sounds of the Future

What does the future of Coventry sound like?

01 Jan 2021


Making Visual Analytics an Integral Part of the Technological Infrastructure for Combating COVID-19

05 May 2019

Shaping 21st Century AI

Controversy and Closure in Research, Policy and Media

04 May 2019


Visual diagnostics for Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)

03 May 2019

Creating the Possible

Interdisciplinary methodologies for futures research, experimentation and impact

04 May 2018

People Like You

Contemporary Figures of Personalisation

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