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CIM Postgraduate Conference 2016

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CIM Postgraduate Conference 2016 "INTO DIGITAL"
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June 30, 2016 </h2><button id="tab2" type="button" onclick="'')">SIGN UP!</button>
Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies </h1>
University of Warwick </h2></p> <p><a href="">Background image made with Shredder(Copyright © 1998 Mark Napier, All rightsreserved)
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10:45-11:00 --- opening=Professor_Celia Lury -- A0.23

11:00-12:00 --- PhD_presentations1 -- A0.23

  *Esteban Damiani -The sharing and negotiation of Facebook metrics as a form of achieving consensus around valuation processes in a political campaign.
  *Nathalie Mezza-Garcia -Self-Organising Legislation à la Open Source for the Government of Earth
  *Scott Wark -TBA

12:00-12:15 --- coffee break

12:15-13:15 --- MA/MSc_presentations1/2**

  *Swati Mehta -Is your leak better than mine? What is a "good" leak?
  *Bella Calabretta -Is literature Big Data?
  *Danwei Zheng -About how quantified self movement may effect the learning process
  *Mengqi Huang -Gazing into the Abyss: On the Narrative Tactics and Ethical Debates of Data Visualisation in Death
  *Kailin Ma -Visualize Data with Geo-attribute
  *Arran Ridley -What happens when visualisation doesn't visualise?
  *Xie Jing -Media Shaping Representation
  *Tatjana Seitz -Digital Desolation: Impact of the Dot-com Bubble on Screen Design

13:15-14:15 --- lunch -- A0.23

14:15-15:15 --- PhD_presentations2 -- A0.23

  *Ane Mollen -Dynamics in people's online commenting practices
  *Sam Hind -Cartographies of Care, or, 'Caretographies'
  *Richard Terry -Knowledge and the Misrecognition of Power Relations in Online Environments.

15:15-15:30 --- coffee break

15:30-16:30 --- Book_Launch=Geert_Lovink -Social_Media_Abyss -- A0.23

16:30-16:45 --- closing -- A0.23

17:00- --- reception -- Social Cafe foyer

** CIM staff and students only