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Centre for Doctoral Training in Mathematics for Real-World Systems

a partnership of: Warwick Complexity Science
Warwick Systems Biology
Warwick Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research

MathSys is one of the newest batch of Centres for Doctoral Training funded by EPSRC, with support from MRC, 13 external partners and the University of Warwick. It is dedicated to tackling real-world problems that require the development of novel mathematics. These problems arise from our strong interaction with a range of external partners from industry, finance and health, who represent some of the leading establishments in the UK. It is our belief that modern mathematics and statistics are a core building block for tackling many of the global challenges facing society and that there is a rapidly increasing demand for researchers with the mathematical skills needed.

MathSys unites Warwick mathematicians in three existing centres that have excellent records of world-leading research involving application of mathematics to real-world problems: the Centre for Complexity Science, Warwick Systems Biology, and Warwick Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (WIDER) centre.

Our aim is to develop the new generation of researchers needed to tackle key challenges facing science, business and society, particularly where these involve complex, nonlinear, uncertain and stochastic systems. These new researchers will be trained to think broadly and combine cutting-edge mathematical skills with the ability to understand and model real-world systems, analyse complex data sets, work well in multidisciplinary teams and be excellent communicators.

MathSys will take the form of a 1+3 year MSc and PhD.

The first year is dedicated to developing a broad portfolio of mathematical techniques and partaking in small research problems with a strong emphasis on applied questions and practical approaches. Courses will be taught in Networks & Random Processes, Applied Dynamical Systems, Numerical Methods, Statistical Mechanics, Statistical Inference, and Modern Topics in Mathematical Modelling.

Each PhD project will address a real-world system. PhD research projects studied in MathSys will be linked by a common set of shared mathematical techniques. This means that even projects in very different fields (say epidemics and finance) can learn from each other and have a similar mathematical philosophy. Common mathematical elements include:

  • Model construction and analysis
  • Dynamics of Systems
  • Extracting Structure from Data
  • Networks
  • Optimisation, Control & Robustness

PhD research projects will be based around interactions with our external partners or will deal with applied questions that match the expertise of the MathSys staff. Broad areas of potential research projects include:

  • Human Health & Epidemics
  • Systems Biology
  • Crop / Veterinary Science
  • Financial risk and Economics
  • Social Behaviour & Social Systems
  • Systems Engineering.

For more information, and to apply to study in MathSys , CLICK HERE