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Complexity Forum: Adriano Barra (Sapienza Università di Roma)

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Location: D1.07

A novel perspective on mathematical modeling of information processing occurring in biological reaction kinetics.

Aim of this talk is to revise both some classical techniques as well as some paradigmatic models in Theoretical Physics in order to adapt them to deal with information processing in biochemical networks. The talk is naturally split in two parts, the former due to mathematical modeling, the latter due to cybernetic interpretation of the results obtained in the first part once applied to common biochemical reactions.

In the first half of the talk I adapt well-known mathematical techniques (stemmed in the ancient formulation of Analytical Mechanics) to deal with modern many-body problems in Statistical Mechanics. Hence the first half of the talk is about "mathematical methods".

In the second half of the talk, I show how these models (and related techniques) can be used to describe reaction kinetics of biochemical interest: in order to obtain a quantitative description of these reactions in full agreement with the experimental counterpart, we will automatically understand how information processing in biological systems actually shares a huge similitude with information processing in artificial systems.


[1] E. Agliari, M. Altavilla, A. Barra, L. Dello Schiavo, E. Katz, Notes on stochastic (bio)-logical gates: computing with allosteric cooperativity, Nature Scientific Reports 5, 9415 (2015).

[2] E. Agliari, E. Biselli, A. De Ninno, A. Gerardino, F. Mattei, A. Barra, L. Businaro, Cancer driven dynamics of immune cells in a microfluidic enviroment, Nature Scientific Reports 4, 6639, (2014).

[3] E. Agliari, A. Barra, R. Burioni, A. Di Biasio, G. Uguzzoni, Collective Behaviours: from biochemical kinetics to electronic circuits, Nature Scientific Reports 3, 3458, (2013).


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