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Complexity Forum:Rosemary Harris (Queen Mary, University of London)

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Location: B1.01

Speaker: Rosemary Harris (School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London)

Title: Effect Of Memory On Transport Properties Of Complex Systems


Within the framework of stochastic interacting particle systems, there has been much recent effort devoted to the study of current fluctuations, their distributions and symmetries. The majority of such work has been in a Markovian context but in many "real-life" processes long-range temporal correlations are known to be important. One tentative step towards understanding the effects of memory was a method proposed in [Current fluctuations in stochastic systems with long-range memory, R. J. Harris and H. Touchette, J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 42, 342001 (2009)] to calculate the large deviations of current fluctuations in a particular class of models with history-dependent dynamics. In this contribution, I will present more recent work extending the analysis of many-particle systems. Specifically, I will discuss how long-range memory dependence can modify the current large deviation principle, leading for example to a superdiffusive regime in the phase diagram of the well-known asymmetric simple exclusion process.

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