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Complexity Forum: Xavier Goméz Olivé (University of the Witwatersrand)

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Location: D1.07

Speaker: Xavier Goméz Olivé (University of the Witwatersrand)

Title:Agincourt Health and Socio-Demographic Surveillance System: a research site in rural South Africa.


The Agincourt Health and Demographic Surveillance System site (Agincourt HDSS) has surveyed a population of 90,000 people in a rural South African setting since 1992. The resulting large and complex longitudinal database is the main platform to a wide variety of analytical investigations. The data are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server relational database which is hosted at the field site. Consistency with existing data and quality is ensured through integrity constraints, range and data type checks, triggers on specific tables and post data entry quality control reviews. Since the first census round there have been annual updates on the residence status and vital events (e.g. births, deaths and migrations). These data are complemented by modules and status observations included at regular intervals monitoring individual and household attributes such as education level, health care use, adult health status and changes in food security. The Agincourt HDSS currently supports multiple investigations including cohorts focusing on different stages of the life course. The research work mainly focuses on HIV and non-communicable disease epidemics, the responses of households to shocks and stresses, adolescents health and the health status and well-being of individuals. All of this is in the context of rapidly developing social, health and demographic transitions. Enabling public access to our data is a high priority and as such the Agincourt HDSS encourages effective multi-disciplinary research collaborations.

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