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Annual Retreat 2017-18

Quick Details

Location: Hawkshead YHA, Lake District 

Date: 08:00 Tuesday 1st of May - 13:30 Friday 4th of May

Programme: Guide featuring day schedule and PhD talk abstracts

General Details

The retreat is located in the Lake District, which was last year awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site Status. Throughout the retreat days the PhD students will give short presentations (there's a prize for best presentation!), external speakers will give exciting talks (to be announced), and all students will have the chance to participate in the annual WARPs.

One afternoon will be complextely free, during which you may want to explore the beautiful district and possibly even have a swim in the lake!


  • There is no ATM around the accomodation, the closest being a few miles away at the local town. The venue takes cards for payments
  • The accomodation is licensed, therefore you may not bring your own alcoholic beverages.
  • You may either bring your towels, or use a deposit system to borrow it from the accomodation at a small charge
  • If you plan to walk along the road between the YHA and Hawkshead in the dark please bring a torch
  • For the walks in Grizedale Forest a compass is advisable
  • Phone reception is patchy, search "ofcom mobile coverage checker" for more local info.
  • There is internet access in communal areas but it goes slow when there is a lot of usage and it may not be possible to download large files.


living room

night view


Hawkshead, Lake District


1st of May - 4th of May