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Warwick Annual Retreat Projects

Warwick Annual Retreat Projects are back this year!


Get ready for hours of fun where you'll be able to unleash your potential.. Project topics are completely up to you, from creating a rapping AI (maybe the next lil wayne?), to taking on a kaggle competition, the world is yours to discover!

Through this event we hope you will test yourself and how much you can do in a collaborative environment with time constraint, to improve your team skills and hopefully come up with something that will both be a fun and a useful memory.

If you wish to propose a potential project then please add a brief problem description as a topic in the forum below, where others can express their interest and give other comments on your ideas. A template is provided below.


    1 post, started by Trystan Leng, 09:21, Mon 19 Feb 2018


    1 post, started by Edoardo Barp, 12:38, Sat 28 Apr 2018


    2 posts, started by Iliana Peneva, 19:28, Wed 4 Apr 2018, latest post by Iliana Peneva, 17:30, Wed 25 Apr 2018


    3 posts, started by Jack Binysh, 13:49, Sat 3 Mar 2018, latest post by Jonathan Skipp, 14:12, Fri 13 Apr 2018


    1 post, started by Joe Hilton, 12:09, Fri 16 Mar 2018


    1 post, started by Annika Heike Stechemesser, 15:51, Thu 15 Mar 2018


    1 post, started by Sophie Meakin, 23:27, Wed 14 Mar 2018


    3 posts, started by Henry Charlesworth, 21:54, Fri 23 Feb 2018, latest post by Henry Charlesworth, 11:59, Mon 5 Mar 2018


    1 post, started by Bhavan Chahal, 22:41, Wed 28 Feb 2018


    1 post, started by Robert Gowers, 11:18, Thu 22 Feb 2018


    1 post, started by Trystan Leng, 09:30, Mon 19 Feb 2018

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  • The problem should not be part of your PhD!
  • Expected group sizes of 4-5 people
  • Officially allocated time is of about 6 hours (although hopefully you'll continue working outside of these!)

Ideas to get you started