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Our alumni


Degree Obtained

Year of Graduation

Destination (s)

Jason Brentnall

MSc 2009 Teaching Maths and Physics at St. George's International school in Duisburg.

Dan Barker

MSc 2010 PhD in Mineral Processing at Imperial College.
Viki Sgardeli MSc 2010 PhD in Astrophysics at University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Jamie Luo

MSc+PhD 2012 Postdoc position at the Orkun Soyer Lab (Evolutionary Systems Biology) initially in Exeter, then in Warwick.

Steven Hill

MSc+PhD 2012 Formerly postdoc position at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. Now a statistician at the MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge.

Paul Chleboun

MSc+PhD 2012 Postdoc position at Mathematics department of the Universita Roma Tre. Then IAS Global Research Fellow in the Centre for Complexity Science, Warwick. Now associate professor in statistics at University of Oxford.

Hemant Passi

MSc 2012 Economist at RAND Europe, Cambridge
Simone Nitsch MSc 2012 Senior Analyst, N-Power
Filipo Casati MSc 2012 PhD student at London School of Economics
Adnan Ali MSc 2012 Vice President at CitiGroup, currently working in the Credit Quantitative Analysis team

Marina Diakonova

MSc+PhD 2013 Postdoc position in Mallorca, now at the Enviromental Change Institute in Oxford
Tristan Webb MSc+PhD 2013 Formerly Postdoc position at UC San Diego, now Data Scientist and deep learning engineer at Intel.
Sam Brand MSc+PhD 2013 EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow, Centre for Complexity Science, Warwick. Now post doc in Life Sciences, Warwick.
Oliver Hambrey MSc + PhD 2013 Working at Siglead Europe.
Adnan Ali MSc + PhD 2013 Institute of Advanced Study Early Career Fellow, Centre for Complexity Science, Warwick.
James Porter MSc + PhD 2013 Research fellow at City University London, then Head of Data at Motivii.
Rachel Wilkerson MSc 2013 Formerly Data Scientist for the Texas Hunger Initiative, Baylor University, now doing PhD in Statistics at the University of Warwick
Samuel Bilson MSc 2013 Lecturer in Physics at St Mary's University
Sergio Morales Enciso MSc + PhD 2014 Data scientist, FICO.
Nicolai Peremezhney MSc + PhD 2014 Researcher at Cambridge University, and now data analyst for Bet365.

Quentin Caudron

MSc+PhD 2014 Initially postdoctoral researcher position at Princeton. Now senior data scientist at CBRE.

Martine Barons

MSc+PhD 2014 Initial postdoc position at Warwick (Department of Statistics). Now director of the Applied Statistics & Risk Unit, University of Warwick, Department of Statistics.

Jamie Harris

MSc+PhD 2014 Formerly working at Mercedes F1, now at Haas F1.

Gui Pedro Mendonca

MSc + PhD 2014 Carte-Blanche consulting.
Daniel Peavoy MSc+PhD 2014 Formerly MTC Coventry working as a Research Engineer in Manufacturing Simulation, now Innovation manager at Warwick Manufacturing Group.
Michael Mehmi MSc 2014 Technical writer at Anite
Chris Oates MSc+PhD 2014 Formerly postdoc position in Statistics, University of Technology, Sydney (2015), now senior lecturer in statistics at Newcastle University.
Pantelis Hadjipantelis MSc + PhD 2014 Formerly Support Application Engineer at MathWorks, Engineering Development Group, now Senior Data Scientist at Bet365.
Jeroen Van Lidth De Jeude MSc 2014 Formerly a research assistant at Univeristy of Warwick and National Grid, currently working towards a PhD in Econophysics at IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy
Jessica Talbot MSc 2014 Healthcare Data Analyst at Doctor Foster Intelligence
Connor Finn MSc 2014 PhD in Distributed Computation in Complex Systems at the University of Sydney, Australia
Sharon Bullimore MSc 2014 Software Engineer at Renishaw
Jonathan Mascie- Taylor MSc + PhD 2015 Oliver Wyman, Consultancy
Becky Cotton-Barratt MSc + PhD 2015 Admissions Coordinator at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Marcus Ong MSc + PhD 2015 Co-founder and CEO of Spectra Analytics
Mike Irvine MSc + PhD 2015 Initially postdoctoral researcher in the neglected tropical diseases modelling consortium at the University of Warwick. Now postdoctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia and the BC Centre for Disease Control.
Matthew Graham MSc + PhD 2015 Formerly postdoctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, now at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit.
Anas Rana MSc + PhD 2015

Research associate in cancer systems biology at the University of Oxford.

Davide Michieletto MSc + PhD 2016

Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh

Daniel Sprague MSc + PhD 2016

Co-founder and CSO of Spectra Analytics

Ben Collyer MSc + PhD 2016

Postdoctoral researcher in Systems Biology at University of Warwick.

Yu-Xi Chau MSc + PhD 2016

Assistant Big Data Analytics Manager, Hong Kong Jockey Club

Adam Miller MSc + PhD 2016

R&D Engineer: Navigational Algorithms at Oxford Technical Solutions

Thomas Machon MSc + PhD 2016

Postdoctoral Researcher at UPenn, Department of Physics and Astronomy, will be lecturer in Theoretical Physics at Bristol University from May 2018.

Adam Newton MSc + PhD 2016

formerly a postdoctoral Research Associate, Warwick Systems Biology Centre, now a research associate in the Neurosim Lab at SUNY Downstate Medical and the Shepherd Lab at Yale School of Medicine.

Peter Dawson MSc + PhD 2016 Operational Research Analyst at the Department for Work and Pensions
Yuri Lifanov MSc + PhD 2016

Data scientist at Parkbob, Vienna.

Dario Papavassiliou MSc + PhD 2016

Maths and Physics Tutor.

Federico Botta MSc + PhD 2017

Postdoctoral researcher in Warwick Business School

Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery MSc + PhD 2017

Postdoctoral researcher in applied mathematics at the University of Manchester

Gwilym Enstone MSc + PhD 2017

Cofounder of Complex Data Solutions data science consultancy, now Software Engineer.

Edward Hill MSc + PhD 2017

Postdoctoral Researcher at the Zeeman Institute for Systems Biology & Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (SBIDER) University of Warwick.

Diana Khoromskaia MSc + PhD 2017

Postdoctoral researcher at the Francis Crick Institute

Thomas Rafferty MSc + PhD 2017

Quantitative Analyst for J. P. Morgan

Bernd Taschler MSc + PhD 2017

Postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Neurological Diseases (DZNE), Bonn

Joel Nicholls MSc + PhD 2017

Software Engineer at Leapmind Ltd, Tokyo

Neil Jenkins MSc + PhD 2017

Cofounder of Complex Data Solutions data science consultancy, now Business Analyst at Enable Ltd.

Janis Klaise MSc + PhD 2018

To be a Data Consultant at Insight Risk Consulting

Robert Eyre MSc + PhD 2018

To be a Data Scientist at Spectra Analytics

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