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Dr Charo I del Genio

Charo Del Genio

Charo I. del Genio

Office: B116 (SLS, Gibbet Hill Campus)
Phone: +44 (0)759 311 9487
Email address: C dot I dot del-Genio at warwick dot ac dot uk


Research Interests: Network science; applied graph theory; algorithms; computational mathematics; molecular dynamics; statistical mechanics; mathematical biology

  • Characterization of constrained integer sequences
  • Graph algorithms
  • Structural and dynamical properties of complex networks
  • Mechanisms of biomolecule binding
  • Molecular recognition and selectivity
  • Dynamical systems
  • Complex systems modelling and analysis
  • Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics models and systems

I am currently a Visiting Faculty at the School of Life Sciences.

Most relevant publications:

Useful tools for students and fellow researchers: