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Jamie Luo


I am a PhD student with the Warwick University Complexity DTC. My supervisor is Prof. Matthew S. Turner. I have a MMATH degree and an MSc in Complexity Science from Warwick University.

I have recently agreed to join the Orkun Soyer Lab at the University of Exeter as a PDRA and will start there from the 2nd of Feb 2012 until late 2014.

Research Interests


I currently work on modelling genetic regulatory networks using boolean networks with Prof. Matthew Turner. I am interested in the field of genetic sensors and cellular processes. I aim for the discovery of general design principles and to reshape our intuition of biological networks.

Functionality & Metagraph Disintegration in Boolean Networks

We investigated how the space of Boolean networks changes as we impose functional constraints on those networks. A presentation I gave for the Warwick Complexity Science Seminar (5-5-2010) is included on the left. A poster on the subject which I presented at Dynamic Days Europe 2010 Bristol and at ECCS 2010 Lisbon is also included on the left. This work is now published (below).

Sensing in Boolean Networks

Using the Ergodic Set framework introduced by Andre S. Ribeiro and Stuart Kauffman (Journal of Theoretical Biology 247 (2007) 743–755), I am aiming to design genetic networks which are sensitive to mutations. The primary means of investigation utilises evolutionary algortihms on the space of networks trying to maximise sensitivity.

Multicellular Boolean Networks

While isolted individual cells behave in a variety of ways, tissues on the other hand will typically respond in a collective manner to external stimuli. I am researching whether spatially static structures (and the implied connectivity which arises) forces cell tissues to behave with greater uniformity. Furthermore the sensing questions investigated above extend naturally to multicellular systems.


Functionality & Metagraph Disintegration in Boolean Networks Jamie X. Luo and Matthew S. Turner, Journal of Theoretical Biology
Volume 282, Issue 1, 7 August 2011, Pages 65-70


Neuronal Modelling

This mini-project with Yulia Timofeeva wass an investigation of periodic stimuli on dendritic trees. This employs a Green's function method for solving a linearised model detailed in 'Branching dendrites with resonant membrane: “sum-over-trips” approach' (2007) by S. Coombes · Y. Timofeeva · C.-M. Svensson · G. J. Lord · K. Josi´c · S. J. Cox · C. M. Colbert. The full report can be found on the left.

Citation Analysis

We attempted to construct a bibliometric measure which is continuous over subject boundaries. This was a project with Prof Robert Mackay. I applied several ranking algorithms to the Physical Review citation network. The full report can be found on the left.


email: J.X.Luo[at]