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Marina Diakonova

My background is in physics, and theoretical physics, from Imperial College. After the masters I travelled, and worked for PwC.

During the Complexity MSc I did two mini-projects, with Mauro Mobilia (on stochastic evolutionary game theory) and Colm Connaughton (2D turbulent systems). My PhD is with Robin Ball and Robert MacKay on measures of emergent behaviour. Our first paper is here.

Some GUIs for Andrei Toom's PCAs and related models can be found here.

D2.14 Mathematics Institute (Zeeman Building)

m dot diakonova @ warwick dot ac dot uk

phone: (02761) 50863


A few random snapshots from a live webcam facing the Solovki fortress. Located on a tiny island in the White Sea, it was Russia's northernmost fortification, and monastery. Until the Soviet times, that is, when it was promptly turned into a Gulag.

 Solovki Dawn.jpg

 Solovki winter day

 Solovki Snow

 Solovki Sunset

 Solovki Early Twilight

 Solovki Twilight

 Solovki Night