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Public Engagement


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Maths Busking at Leamington Peace festival on June 15th 2013


  • Maths Busking

I had a place on the Maths Busking training in Leeds in March 2011, and performed at Leamington Peace festival on June 18th 2011, Programme here (PDF Document) (see campaigns, Saturday). I also gave a live interview on Coventry & Warwickshire radio before the performance. Here is the video of that interview, followed by some highlights from the busking:



Other resources:

Maths Busking organisation 

Official Video for maths busking

I was part of a team maths Busking at Manchester Science Festival on 23rd October 2011 Manchester Science festival 2011. I took a second Maths Busking training course in March 2012 with science busking expert David Price from Science Made Simple.

  • Radio

Following my radio interview about maths busking (above), I was invited back on Friday 8th July 2011 to talk live on air about the odds of winning the £166 million Euro Millions rollover jackpot.

I was invited on 8th August to discuss the report by Carol Vorderman et al on making maths compulsory part of education until age 18. This discussion also went out live, and I opted to take part by telephone. Vorderman report here.

  • Cafe Scientifique

I gave a talk for the general public at Cafe Scientifique, Leamington Spa, 18th July 2011. Details here



  • IMA Public engagement Conference, Manchester
    "For the conference dinner activity, each table was given four cards with awkward questions that were representative of the difficult questions mathematicians often face from many different people who dislike or fear mathematics. The most entertaining answer of the evening was the reply to ' A radio show presenter asks - I have never used Algebra, why did I have to learn it at school?' "
    Read our response here: (PDF Document) Mathematics Today

  • Radio magazine shows

I was interviewed by Paul Chleboun for a science magazine radio show in 2010.

Martine interviewed by Paul Chleboun

In 2011 I was set up producer for a science magazine radio show.


  • Video

A light hearted video to help non-specialists understand Complexity Science, with James Porter, Paul Chleboun, and Jamie Luo.