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I joined the University of Warwick in September 2005, from my home-of-the-moment of Russia, having previously lived in Poland, the UK, the USA and France.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in Chemistry, graduating with Honours in 2008. I then joined the Warwick Complexity Science Doctoral Training Centre and obtained my MSc in Complexity Science with Distinction, in 2009.

Current Research

My PhD research is in the vast field of theoretical neuroscience. Supervised by Dr. Yulia Timofeeva, I aim to investigate how the dynamics of networks of spatially-extended neurons coupled by electrical synapses are affected by geometric complexity, intrinsic properties of cells and gap junction modulation. In order to simulate such large networks efficiently, I'm developing a computational framework for implementing the work of Larry Abbott ( Biophys. J. 1993, 64, 303-313 ) on solving cable theory problems on trees of arbitrary geometry. In addition, we aim to extend linear cable theory for networks of dendritic trees connected by gap junctions. My approach uses algorithmic graph theory to construct the path integral, and hence the significant terms of a Green's function solution to the cable equation.

Research Interests

A broad indication of the fields I am interested in :

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Simulation
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