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Jamie Harris

Here you'll discover a little bit about my background, interests and both current and former research projects.

What fascinates me the most is finding an intriguing or unexpected application of mathematical theory to a real problem. This is probably what encouraged me to join the Complexity Science DTC in 2008. Since then I've published work on varied a subject such as Intercellular Calcium Waves and Cluster Cluster Aggregation with Levy Diffusion. This research has introduced me to not only new theoretical concepts, such as nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and mathematical biology, but afforded me the opportunity to learn key skills such as scientific computing and simulation of stochastic systems along with the interpersonal skills required to work succesfully as part of a diverse group people forming the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC).

However, my main area of research is Waves and Turbulence in Models of Geophysical Flow, this being the provisional title of my PhD. Briefly, this entails working on the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima equation, a Partial Differential Equation (PDE) which describes some of the key features observed in real-world meteorological phenomena, such as the formation of blocking regimes and Rossby waves, but which is in some sense mathematically tractable enough for progress to be made. For instance, we know that the dynamics of the model must be dominated by certain three-wave interactions which satisfy the set resonance conditions. One area of research would be to ask how prevalent these are in noisy data; whether we can identify them and determine what role they play in geophysical turbulence. Generally, these resonant triplets interact with other clusters to form large networks of interacting modes. What can we determine about the integrability and behaviour of larger clusters, when only the simplest clusters have been analysed in detail.


Contact Details:

Office D2.14,

Centre for Complexity Science,

Zeeman Building,

University of Warwick,

Coventry CV4 7AL