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Miniproject 2010

As a part of the course, we will start working on two MSc miniprojects from end of March 2010 to September 2010. I will spend approximately 12 weeks on each project. There were approximately forty projects proposed and each of the MSc students will chose two to work on.


  • First Project: Modelling Nonlinear Behaviours of Cellular Bio-mechanics

I will be working under the supervision of Dr. Isaac Liu (Warwick School of Engineering) from end of March to the end of June.

Biological cells are highly complex, non-linear materials and their mechanical behaviours have not been well understood. Recently, advanced measurement techniques using optical tweezers have shown such materials exhibit non-linear and viscoelastic deformation. The aim of this project is to construct a bio-mechanical model and study its deformation from both shear and bending force. Better understanding and modelling of these behaviours is essential for the advancement of our understanding of biomedicine such as tissue engineering and nanomedicine.

  • Second Project: Convex hulls, anomalous diffusion & the home range of foraging animals

I will be working under the supervision of Dr. Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey) from the end of June to September.