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Dominic Kerr


As a doctoral candidate in the Complexity Science DTC at the University of Warwick, I am privileged to be an active participant within a highly inter-disciplinary research environment designed to foster academic collaboration across a broad spectrum of scientific and mathematical areas.

Working with supervisors specialising in mathematical networks, epidemiological modelling, and behavioural psychology, my research uses agent-based modelling to explore the structural complexity of antisocial communities acting covertly within social populations.

Using publicly available resources describing the interconnected structures linking social media users, I have developed a suite of C++ algorithms to accurately and efficiently analyse complex data sets, allowing me to piece together insights into the structures of human networks. Through my course I have become proficient in a number of programming languages, including Java, PHP, and Python, and using programming languages within both professional and personal settings.


First Year Undergraduate Mathematics Supervisor, and Physics Demonstrator:

I hosted supervision classes for first year undergraduate mathematicians and physicists, exploring material introduced with lecturers, and marking weekly assignments contributing towards each student's first year classification.

Fourth Year Undergraduate Mathematics Teaching Assistant:

Presenting mathematical material to fourth year undergraduates reading Fourier analysis, I discussed solutions to unassessed weekly assignments through a mixture of lectures and interactive teaching. I provided teaching support in addition to a lectured syllabus, and presented lecture material exploring the application of Fourier analysis to light interference, as illustrated by the patterns of bright and dark fridges observed during Young's double slit experiment.

First Year Masters C++ Programming Teaching Assistant:

Attending weekly drop-in sessions, I offered one-to-one support to students of varying programming experience, as they attempted to complete practical programming assignments.

Private Tutor:

I have provided Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry private tuition to over 20 students across a range of academic qualifications; including GCSEs, A-Levels, Undergraduate degrees, and early career PhD students. I have consistently received high feedback from students, praising my clear explanations and collaborative teaching style, and have helped most students to attain their desired examination grades.


Taught Course Centre (TCC) Technician:

IT technician responsible for coordinating the University of Warwick's participation within the Taught Course Centre; a collaborative lecture series shared among five mathematical institutions across the country. I am responsible for setting-up and monitoring electronic conferencing session, and am on stand-by to provide technical support to Warwick lecturers during transmitted lectures. I administrator critical software updates, and maintain audiovisual hardware to ensure that the multi-component communication system works efficiently each term.


  • Co-Opted Governor at Park Hill Primary School
  • Dementia Friends Champion
  • VocaliD Voice Drive Ambassador
  • Age UK Community Alloment Head Gardene


Office Address:

Centre for Complexity Science (D1.13)
Warwick Mathematics Institute

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