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Yuri Lifanov

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Spatial Competition in Growing Populations Under Selective Pressure (MSc)
Supervisors: Stefan Grosskinsky and Ellák Somfai
Spatial competition is readily observed in bacterial and crystal systems, and the underlying mechanisms of selection of the generated morphologies are of great interest. In this study we have considered competition between two domains in an Eden-like model of bacterial growth.
Lattice Models of Nucleation from Soluton (Ph. D.)
Supervisors: David Quigley, Bart Vorselaars, Stefan Grosskinsky
In this project we have studied nucleation in primitive model particle systems, applying a wide range of state of the art computational methods for calculation of multi-dimensional probability distributions and rare event rates.

Conferences Attended

  1. ViCOM: Phase stability and phase transitions in soft and hard materials, St. Christoph am Arlberg, Austria, 25/02/2013.
  2. Oxford Brookes University: Student Conference for Complexity Sciences 2013, Oxford, UK, 14/08/2013.
  3. IOP: The Physics of Soft and Biological Matter, Cambridge, UK, 14/04/2014.
  4. CECAM: Molecular Simulations of Crystallisation from Solution, Lugano, Switzerland, 26/05/2014.
  5. The University of Warwick: Theory of Condensed Matter Group Scientific Meeting, Coventry, UK, 05/06/2014.


Below is a poster summarising the results of the first year of my Ph. D. project.