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Jonathan Skipp

PhD Student investigating the interaction between turbulent waves and coherent structures in plasmas and fluids.

Education and employment


PhD Complexity Science, University of Warwick
Turbulent cascades and condensation in nonlinear wave systems
(Supervisor: Prof Sergey Nazarenko)


MSc Complexity Science, University of Warwick
Miniproject 1: Interaction of nematic liquid crystal defects with electric fields
(Supervisor: Dr Gareth Alexander)

Miniproject 2: Modon propogation and collision in the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima plasma model
(Supervisor: Dr Bogdan Hnat)


MSc Fusion Energy, University of York
Thesis title: Theory of 2D drift wave structures in tokamaks
(Supervisor: Prof Howard Wilson)


Technical Officer, Development Directorate, Birmingham City Council
Engineering, regulatory and legal work in highway construction projects


MPhil Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Leicester
Thesis title: The mass loss – period evolution of Black Widow Pulsars
(Supervisor: Prof Andrew King)

2001 Research Project, Queen Mary, University of London
Summer project simulating valence force field models of crystal structures
(Supervisor: Prof David Dunstan)
1999-02 BA Natural Sciences, Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge


Equilibria and condensates in Rossby and drift wave turbulence
Jonathan Skipp and Sergey Nazarenko 2021, Journal of Physics A,

Wave turbulence in self-gravitating Bose gases and nonlocal nonlinear optics
Jonathan Skipp, Victor L'vov, and Sergey Nazarenko 2020, Physical Review A, 102, 043318

Global Structure of Micro-instabilities in Tokamak Plasmas: Stiff Transport or Plasma Eruptions?
D Dickinson, CM Roach, JM Skipp and HR Wilson, 2014, Physics of Plasmas 21, 010702

The population of black widow pulsars
AR King, ME Beer, DJ Rolfe, K Schenker and JM Skipp, 2005, Mon Not Roy Astron Soc 358, 1501-1504

Harmonic and anharmonic components of third-order elastic constants
JM Skipp and DJ Dunstan, 2004, Phys Rev B, 69, 05410