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EMMC Alumni

Alumni from the first intake of EMMCSS (2010-12) are listed below. Information on where are they now? for each student will be inputted as it becomes available!

First Name Surname Where are they now?
Qingyi Feng  
Minsu Kim  
Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi  
Yan Zhang  
Korsuk Sirinukunwattana  
Aditya Challa  
Helen Broome  
Lucas Martinez  
Jesus Erasmo Batta Quintero  
Defne Askar  
Girish Sharma  
Esteban Guevara  
Alexander Lovisolo  
Dominic Hunt  
Luis Carlos Garcia Del Molino  
Claudia Cioli  
Aleksandar Jacimovic

Links to the Alumni pages of each node: