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Complex Networks and their Dynamics

The interplay between the connectivity of a network and its dynamics are central to key challenges today, such as epidemiology, biodiversity, neuroscience and markets.

In neuroscience we focus on how neuronal details such as spatial extension and the propagation of calcium waves influence overall neural computation.

For markets, we explore how local bartering rules can lead to the emergence of market prices with realistic stochastic dynamics.

We host front line epidemiological research where the new cross-disciplinary aspect is how contact networks propagating infection interact with the social networks propagating adoption of preventative measures.

On biodiversity, for spatially extended models of genetic drift we study how the pattern of clone boundaries conforms to classical growth interface models, and for early genetic evolution and speciation we model the role of fitness and horizontal gene transfer.

We also address the role of network topology, for example on the speed of synchronization processes.

Application areas:

  • infectious diseases
  • neural computing
  • data storage
  • dynamics of opinions and markets