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Journal publications by staff and students

(Chronologically sorted)

  1. An exploratory statistical approach to depression pattern identification, Q Y Feng, Frances Griffiths, Nick Parsons, Jane Gunn, Physica A, 2012.10.025.
  2. Computational convergence of the path integral for real dendritic morphologies, Q Caudron, S R Donnelly, S Brand, Y Timofeeva, Journal of Mathematical Neuroscience, 2, (11) 2012.
  3. Stochastic transitions and jamming in granular pipe flow, S Brand, R. C. Ball and M Nicodemi, Physics Review E, accepted.
  4. Intercellular calcium waves in the fire-diffuse-fire framework: Green's function for gap-junctional coupling, J Harris and Y Timofeeva, Phys. Rev. E 82(5), 051910, (2010)
  5. Objective identification of climate states from Greenland ice cores for the last glacial period, D. J. Peavoy and C. Franzke, sub. Climate of the Past, May 2010.
  6. Dynamic Network modelling reveals signalling topology in individual cancers and heterogeneity within a single cancer subtype, S. Hill, Y. Lu, G. B. Mills and S. Mukherjee, to be submitted to PNAS June 2010.
  7. Do Small Worlds Synchronize Fastest? C. Grabow, S. Hill, S. Grosskinsky, M. Timme, European Physics Letters, acc May 2010.
  8. Finite size effects and metastability in zero-range condensation, P. Chleboun, S. Grosskinsky, sub. J. Statistical Physics, April 2010.
  9. Quantifying Distortion in Models of Neurodegenerative Disease, Q Caudron, sub. Nature Methods.
  10. Scaling properties of one-dimensional cluster-cluster aggregation with Levy diffusion, C Connaughton and J Harris, Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, P05003 May 2010.
  11. Out-of-equilibrium dynamics with decentralised exchange: cautious trading and convergence to efficiency, S Ghosal and J Porter, sub Econometrica.
  12. Tailoring interventions to patient characteristics: the role of statistical methods of classification in the categorisation of non-specific low back pain, Frances E. Griffiths, Anca Alba, Sam Empson, Evor L. Hines, Christopher McCarthy, Graham F. Medley, Margaret Thorogood, MJ Barons, sub. Journal of Evaluation in clinical practice 2010.
  13. Complex Flow in Granular media, S. Brand and M. Nicodemi, Advances in Complex Systems, acc. , May 2010.
  14. Pattern formation through genetic drift at expanding population fronts, A. Ali, S. Grosskinsky, Adv Complex Systems acc May 2010.
  15. Quantifying emergence in terms of persistent mutual information, RC Ball, M Diakonova, RS MacKay, acc Apr 2010, Adv Complex Sys
  16. Model Averaging for Biological Networks with Prior Information, S. Mukherjee, T. P. Speed and S. Hill, in Medical Biostatistics for Complex Diseases, ed. F. Emmert-Streib and M. Dehmer, Wiley-VCH April 2010. (Book Chapter)
  17. Finite size scaling of the spontaneous symmetry breaking model of X-chromosome inactivation, Barker D, Griffiths A, Physica A, Volume: 388 Issue: 6 Pages: 843-850 Published: MAR 15 2009
  18. Instability of condensation in the zero-range process with random interaction. S. Grosskinsky, P. Chleboun, G.M. Schutz. Phys. Rev. E 78(3), 030101(R) (2008)
  19. size-dependant mobility of gold nano-clusters during growth on chemically modified graphene. Gavin R. Bell, Peter M. Dawson, Priyanka A. Pandey, Neil R. Wilson and Paul A. Mulheran, APL Mat. 2, 012109 (2014).
  20. Quantifying the Relationship Between Financial News and the Stock Market, Merve Alanyali, Susannah Moat, Tobias Preis. Scientific ReportsVolume:3,Article number:3578, December 20 2013.