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Complexity DTC miniproject proposals 2009/10

Project ID Supervisor Department Co-supervisor Project title Availability Reserved
1 Alessandro Troisi Chemistry None Designing quasi crystalline molecular self-assembly using cellular automata period 1 only available
2 Abhir Bhalerao Computer Science Elke Thonnes (Statistics) GPU accelerated calculation of Minkowski functionals from volumetric data period 1 or period 2 available
3 Chang-Tsun Li Computer Science None Source Mobile Phone Identification Using Sensor Pattern Noise Extracted from Images period 1 or period 2 available
4 Claudio Mezzetti Economics None Acquiring Information Prior to Trade period 1 or period 2 available
5 Igor Khovanov Engineering Nigel Stocks (Engineering) Heart rate variability: what are essential ingredients to observe the HRV complexity period 1 or period 2 available
6 Isaac K. K. Liu Engineering None Modelling Nonlinear Behaviours of Cellular Biomechanics period 1 only available
7 Professor Jonathan Seville Engineering None Ergodicity & the trajectory of a single particle period 1 or period 2 available
8 Professor Jonathan Seville Engineering Dr Charley Wu (External (non-Warwick)) Crowd movement using Discrete Element Methods period 1 or period 2 Sergio
9 Evor Hines Engineering Alison Rodger (Chemistry) Intelligent Systems approaches to protein secondary structure determination from UV circular dichroism and infra red data period 1 or period 2 available
10 Alexei Lapkin Engineering Colm Connaughton (Mathematics) Systems chemistry: relations between system properties and properties of individual components in formulated consumer products period 1 or period 2 available
11 Petr Denissenko Engineering Colm Connaughton (Mathematics) Modelling of sperm motility in a microchannel period 1 only available
12 Prof Nigel G Stocks Engineering None Phase Transitions in Optimal Neural Coding: Complexity via Optimisation period 1 or period 2 Leigh
13 Sergey Nazarenko Mathematics Colm Connaughton (Mathematics) Turbulence in Bose-Einstein condensates period 1 only available
14 Daniel Ueltschi Mathematics Stefan Grosskinsky? (Mathematics) Spatial random permutations and cycle distribution period 1 or period 2 available
15 Prof. Bob Kerr Mathematics Colm Connaughton (Mathematics) Comparing upper level winds to the marine boundary layer period 1 only available
16 Thomas House Mathematics Matt Keeling (Biological Sciences) Epidemic dynamics in complex populations period 1 or period 2 available
17 R.S.MacKay Mathematics None Quantifying complexity of a spatially extended stochastic dynamical system period 1 only Chris
45 Markus Kirkilionis Mathematics None Adaptive Dynamics and Phylogenetic Trees period 1 or period 2 available
46 Markus Kirkilionis Mathematics None Understanding Transport by Motor Proteins With the Help of Image Analysis Tools period 1 or period 2 available
47 Markus Kirkilionis Mathematics None Contact Processes and Degree Distributions period 1 or period 2 available
18 Keith Briggs Other R.S.MacKay Distributed algorithms for graph coloring and wireless channel assignment period 1 or period 2 available
19 Dr Nick Watkins (British Antarctic Survey) Other None Convex hulls, anomalous diffusion & the home range of foraging animals period 2 only available
20 Keith Briggs Other R.S.MacKay Computational geometry for wireless homehub applications period 1 or period 2 available
21 Keith Briggs Other R.S.MacKay Spatial correlation of train delays period 1 or period 2 available
22 Ellak Somfai Physics None Particle-based hydrodynamics period 2 only available
23 Matthew Turner Physics Dr Satchell (External (non-Warwick)) The economics of queueing period 1 only available
24 Mario Nicodemi Physics None Granular Media: Complex Systems of Physics period 1 only available
25 Mario Nicodemi Physics Sach Mukherjee (Statistics) Thermodynamics of gene regulation period 2 only Anas
26 R C Ball Physics None Stochastic Wavelet Transform and its application to Stokesian hydrodynamic simulations. period 1 or period 2 available
44 Sandra Chapman Physics None Correlation and ‘surprise’ in MEG human brain data. period 1 only available
27 Fabio Rigat Statistics Peter O'Connor (Chemistry) Stochastic modeling of time-domain mass spectrometry data period 2 only available
28 Vassili Kolokoltsov Statistics None Fractional dynamics with gluing boundary in financial flows period 1 only available
29 John Aston Statistics None Statistical Analysis of Linguistic Data period 1 or period 2 Pantelis
30 Xavier Didelot Statistics Gareth Roberts (Statistics) Genomic evolution of Helicobacter pylori within a host period 1 only available
31 Magnus Richardson Systems Biology Yulia Timofeeva (Computer Science) Stochastic synaptic integration in a spatial neuron with voltage-activated currents period 1 only Anas
32 Nigel Burroughs Systems Biology Violaine See (Other) HIF Kinetics parameter determination from imaging fluorescence bleaching period 1 only available
33 Yasmin Merali Warwick Business School Nick Gaunt (External (non-Warwick)) Agent-based models for practitioners in multi-agent health care pathways (Sponsor NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement) period 1 or period 2 available
34 Dr Duncan Robertson Warwick Business School None Networks and the Publishing Industry period 1 only available
35 Juergen Branke Warwick Business School None Prediction in self-organising production systems period 1 or period 2 available
36 Professor Stewart Robinson Warwick Business School None Understanding the Frequency of Extreme Events period 1 or period 2 available
37 Dr Duncan Robertson Warwick Business School None Shock & Surprise in Online Social Networks period 1 only available
48 Mark Salmon Warwick Business School Roman Kozhan (Warwick Business School) Uncertainty Aversion in Complex Markets period 1 or period 2 Pantelis
38 Darek Ceglarek Warwick Manufacturing Group None Computational Technology for Effective Modeling in Complex Healthcare Settings period 1 or period 2 available
39 Darek Ceglarek Warwick Manufacturing Group Eduardo Izquierdo (Warwick Manufacturing Group) Self-Resilient Production Systems: Going Beyond Design Robustness period 1 or period 2 available
40 Dr Yingping Huang Warwick Manufacturing Group Alain Dunoyer (Other) Research Towards Advanced Driver Assistant Systems period 1 or period 2 available
41 Tom Nichols Warwick Manufacturing Group Sach Mukherjee (Statistics) Ensemble clustering for genetic variation in brain structure period 1 only available
42 Dr Michael Allen Warwick Medical School Prof. Steve Thornton (Warwick Medical School) Analysing and forecasting load on a hospital maternity unit period 2 only available
43 Frances Griffiths Warwick Medical School Sallie Lamb (Warwick Medical School) Recovery from injuries of the neck and claims for compensation period 1 or period 2 available