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DIMAP Workshop on Public Transport and Public Service Operations

A workshop for sharing research interests and key issues in public transport and the transport component of public service delivery

The Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP) together with the KTN Industrial Mathematics organises DIMAP workshop on Public Transport and Public Service Operations, to be held on Monday, 20th April, 2009.

The workshop will take place on the campus of the University of Warwick, at the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (DIMAP), in the building of the Warwick Mathematics Institute (number 35 on the campus map).


About the workshop:

The workshop will encourage the exchange of operational, computational and mathematical perspectives on key issues in public transport and the transport component of public service delivery (e.g., waste collection, school buses, emergency services etc). Its purpose is to raise awareness of challenges, capabilities and potential solutions, in areas such as timetabling, scheduling, maintenance planning and asset management. The programme will encourage networking and stimulate the formation of new relationships.



12:30 - 13:30 Arrival and lunch

13:30 - 13:45 Introduction: Artur Czumaj (Director of DIMAP)

13:45 - 14:45 Keynote address: Prof. Leo Kroon "Operations research models for planning and real-time operations of railway systems"

14:45 - 15:15 Coffee break

15:15 - 15:30 Harald Räcke (DIMAP and Department of Computer Science): Selfish traffic and online algorithms

15:30 - 15:45 Robert MacKay (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Centre for Complexity Science): Optimal scheduling in a periodic environment

15:45 - 16:15 Vladimir Deineko (DIMAP and Warwick Business School): Vehicle Routing in public sector: Coventry City Council case study

16:15 - 17:00 Panel discussion led by Dr. Robert Leese (Smith Institute)

17:00 - 17:45          Drinks reception

About the keynote speaker:

Professor Leo Kroon is a Logistic Consultant of Netherlands Railways / NS, working on decision support tools for railway planning and real-time operations. He also is Professor of Quantitative Logistics at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of Erasmus University.

About the keynote address:

In 2008, Dutch Railways won the Franz Edelman Award in recognition and reward of their outstanding use of combinatorial optimization and discrete mathematics in the design of a completely new timetable facilitating growth of passenger and freight transport on their highly utilized railway network, and to improve the robustness of the timetable in order to reduce the number of train delays in the operation. The more efficient resource schedules and the increased number of passengers has already resulted in an annual additional profit of 40 million Euros and expected to increase to 70 million Euros in coming years. However, the benefits of the new timetable for the Dutch society as a whole are much higher: more trains are transporting more passengers on the same railway infrastructure, and all these trains run more on time than ever before.

Workshop speakers:

Harald Räcke is a DIMAP Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick. His main interest is in network routing algorithms.

Robert MacKay is a Professor of Mathematics, Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research, and Director of the Centre for Complexity Science at the University of Warwick.

Vladimir Deineko is an Associate Professor of Operational Research in Warwick Business School, specialising in vehicle routing problems.

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