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Coach Warwick-Oxford-Petersfield

There will be a coach taking the participants from University of Warwick to Petersfield through Oxford. The departure is from the back of the Mathematics Institute (Zeeman Building) at the campus of the Universty on July 18, 10:30 (am). The intermediate point is Oxford: people will be collected at Peartree (OX2 8), which is a junction of Woodstock Rd and Western Bypass Rd, north of Oxford. You can see this on the map. We expect to be there at (a bit after) 11:30, and will immediately continue towards the hostel. In case of interest, we may pick up people at Petersfield train station; we will be there a after 13:00. (it is some 6 miles from Petersfield to the hostel; another option is to take a taxi.

We would like everyone planning to take the coach to confirm this. We encourage you to give us your mobile number; you would be contacted in case of any unexpacted siutuation.

There will coach going back from the workshop on July 25, with the same (reversed) route. The departure from the hostel is at 14:00.

There is no fee charged for the use of of the bus.

In case of problems, use our mobiles (Jan: +44 7928552121, Diana: +44 7928552123).

A preliminary list (mostly for our own records):

from Warwick: Jan (H.), Diana, Jan (V.), Martin, Demetres, Angelica, Anna, Alex, Fiachra, Marek, Lluis

from Oxford: Lutz, Lukasz and Marcin, Puck