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DIMAP Workshop on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

Workshop Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics will be organised by the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications, University of Warwick. The event will be held on 18 - 25 July 2010 in Wetherdown Hostel, Petersfield, Hampshire, England.


The primary objective of the Workshop on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics 2010 (WEPC) is to widen the knowledge in extremal and probabilistic combinatorics of postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The main part of the programme will be talks given by the attendees on papers by established mathematicians. Oleg Pikhurko (Carnegie Mellon University) and Balazs Szegedy (University of Toronto) accepted our invitations to give half-day invited tutorials. There will be an open problem session, and time for discussions will be reserved.

New after the workshop

You can find some pictures from the workshop in the programme section.


The main part of the programme are lectures given by all participating postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows on papers by established researchers. The choice of the papers to be presented will be made by the organisers. Alternatively, student's supervisor may suggest a suitable paper. However, the aim is to broaden students' knowledge in the area in general, rather than deepen their expertise on their thesis topic. The focus will be on applications of the probabilistic method, random graphs, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial number theory, and analysis of randomised algorithms. List of suggested papers can be found Manhere.

Each participant is expected to give a 50 minute talk. Find more details about the talks here. Senior researchers (e.g., students' advisors) are welcomed to attend, and are not expected to give talks.

Our invited speakers Oleg Pikhurko and Balazs Szegedy will give half-day tutorials (respective tentative titles are "Turan problem" and "Surprising extremal structures in dense graphs").


The event was held in Wetherdown Hostel close to Petersfield in the the spectacular countryside of Hampshire, South England (map).


We acknowledge generous funding by the British Combinatorial Committee, by DIMAP, University of Warwick and by the the London Mathematical Society.


The event is preceded by DIMAP Summer School on Approximation and Randomized Algorithms (July 12-16).


Should you have any questions please contact Jan Hladky or Diana Piguet.