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Topics of the talks

Here are some topics which you may consider for your talk. Some of the papers are probably suitable to be read by two speakers. There is also one series of 4-5 talks. You may try to find a partner(s) yourself, or alternatively we can try.

Please let us know about your preferences as soon as possible. We will keep the list below updated and mark reserved articles (we will add papers suggested and reserved by others as well).

We thank Boris Bukh (University of Cambridge), Demetres Christofides (University of Warwick), Daniela Kuhn and Deryk Osthus (both University of Birmingham), and Jiri Matousek (Charles University) for helping us with the choice of the material.

Spencer: Ramsey's theorem for spaces (reserved: David Conlon)

A copy on JSTOR

Hatami: Graph norms and Sidorenko's conjecture (reserved: Janet Xiang Li)

on arXiv

Probably for two speakers. Knowledge of functional analysis is needed.

Johansson's bound on the chromatic number of triangle-free graphs (reserved: Lale Ozkahya)

Can be found in the "Graph Colouring and the Probabilistic Method", by Molloy and Reed. We could provide you with a copy of the book if you need.

Krivelevich, Sudakov: Minors in expanding graphs (reserved: Andrew Treglown and Fiachra Know)

on arXiv, journal version

Perhaps one would not present the whole paper but rather select some results (and proofs).

Basics of combinatorial number theory

Following Ruzsa's papers Sums of finite sets, Sumsets and entropy, or On the number of sums and differences (reserved: Lluis Vena). We could probably provide you with copies of these papers if you needed.

Spencer, Wormald: Birth control for giants

preprint, journal version

Random lifts of graphs (reserved: Coverings I: Marcin Witkowski, Covering II: Łukasz Witkowski)

Following papers Amit, Linial: Random Graph Coverings I, and Amit, Linial, Matousek: Random lifts of graphs: Independence and chromatic number. (preprints here)

Spencer, Toth: Crossing numbers of random graphs (reserved: Puck Rombach)

preprint, journal version

Approximating volume of convex bodies (reserved:Jan Hladky, Demetres Christofides, Chinmoy Dutta)

Alon, Yuster: The 123 Theorem and its extensions (reserved: Martin Kupec)

Alon: The strong chromatic number of a graph (reserved: Jan Volec)

Alon, Pudlak: Constructive lower bounds for off-diagonal Ramsey numbers

preprint, journal version

Two speakers would be good, the first one should cover also the construction of norm-graphs ([12]).

Jonasson, Schramm: On the cover time of planar graphs (reserved: Codrut Grosu)

journal version (open access)

Fox, Sudakov: Dependent Random Choice (reserved: Andrzej Dudek)


Komlos: On the determinant of (0, 1) matrices

One can find a scanned copy of the paper via search engines.

Janson: One, two and three times log n/n for paths in a complete graph with random weights (reserved: Richard Mycroft)

preprint, journal version

Balogh, Mubayi: A new short proof of a theorem of Ahlswede and Khachatrian (reserved: Fahimeh Ramezani)

preprint, journal version

Fox, Sudakov: Induced Ramsey-type theorems (reserved: Megha Khosla, Ali Pourmiri)

preprint, journal version

Fox, Pach: A separator theorem for string graphs and its applications (reserved: Anna Adamaszek (would there be anyone interested to join?))


Friedgut: On the measure of intersecting families, uniqueness and stability (reserved: Peter Allen, Julia Boettcher)


Alon, Schwartz, Shapira: An Elementary Construction of Constant-Degree Expanders (reserved: Diana Piguet)

preprint, journal version

Furedi, Naor, Verstraete: On the Turan Number for the Hexagon

preprint, journal version

Bohman, Frieze, Lubetzky: A note on the random greedy triangle-packing algorithm (reserved: Lutz Warnke)


Yuster: Tree decomposition of graphs (reserved: Alex Popa)

preprint The result was later improved in [Yuster: Packing and decomposition of graphs with trees], but the method in the formal paper is perhaps easier to present.

Nachmias, Peres: The critical random graph, with martingales


Pach, Tardos: Forbidden paths and cycles in ordered graphs and matrices (reserved: Eoin Long)

journal version, preprint

Marcus, Tardos: Excluded permutation matrices and the Stanley-Wilf conjecture


Vu: Small strongly regular r-full graphs

preprint, journal version

Pinchasi, Sharir: On Graphs that Do not Contains the Cube and Related Problems (reserved: Matthew White)

preprint, journal version

Tao: A variant of the hypergraph removal lemma

preprint, journal version

Moser, Tardos: A constructive proof of the general Lovasz Local Lemma (reserved: Marek Krcal)


Achlioptas, Peres: The Threshold for Random k-SAT is 2k log 2 - O(k) (reseved: Angelica Pachon Pinzon)