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Algorithmic Game Theory

Game theory is the formal study of conflict and cooperation, and it has become a cornerstone of economic theory. Algorithmic Game Theory combines algorithmic thinking with game-theoretic concepts. It is inherently interdisciplinary, sitting at the interface of mathematics, economics, computer science, and operations research.

The internet has been responsible for much of the recent explosion in research in algorithmic game theory. A defining characteristic of the internet is that it was not designed centrally, but emerged from the interaction of many economic agents, such as network operators, service providers, and users, in varying degrees of competition and collaboration.

Topics in which DIMAP has particular expertise include:

  • Algorithms for computing equilibria in games and markets
  • Computational auctions and mechanism design
  • Network and routing games
  • Games and logic, in particular for model checking and verification of systems

DIMAP has also organized a DIMAP Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory 2007, which was one of the major conferences in this field, attracting a number of distinguished researchers working in this area.

Sample publications:

More complete list of publications: