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Tips for running a start-up with ADHD

For Start-up Founders with ADHD


You may think about other tasks or other ventures at the same time, or even ways that you can develop your product in the future. To stop these being a distraction from your current focus/task, keep a distraction list on a notepad. Write down all your thoughts here for later.

If you are struggling to concentrate or working In a busy environment, play brown noise on a loop in headphones if possible. Brown noise helps with concentration and blocks out background noises and distractions.

Keep something visible if you need to remember it, if it something could be a distraction but it out of sight.

Find a partner who is good at organising and motivating and trust their direction when considering the pace of the project or business. This will stop you from expecting unrealistic results in unrealistic timeframes.

When using a to-do list, keep the items that are marked as done on the list, or on a separate list. Looking at this regularly will help you to stay motivated as you see the progress you have made.

If you have big decisions to make, don’t make a decision right away. For example, if you are offered a partnership or funding opportunity, say ‘Thank you for the opportunity, I will need some time to consider this and will get back to you shortly’. Reflect on the opportunity for a day or two, so that you don’t make decisions on impulses.

At the end of each day set a plan for the next day listing the tasks that you need to complete.

In a business meeting or pitching session, write down your thoughts on a notepad so that you don’t interrupt other people.

Further Support 

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