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Tool kits

Our digital tool kits are short content which are designed to fill gaps in knowledge and help you to gain a rounded knowledge of starting a business or entrepreneurial venture.

The library of content below addresses many different areas of being an entrepreneur and running a business, and it is split into four sections to help you choose from the right place in your journey.

Explore the free tool kits to help you develop your skills in important areas that will support you in your entrepreneurial journey and increase your skills in areas you have not explored before.

All of the tool kits are designed as brief guides aimed to help you to quickly develop skills in an area and also highlighting some common mistakes that you should try and avoid. These are supposed to be short learning opportunities which can be digested in 10-15 minutes and aim to improve your understanding, skills or delivery techniques when working on your idea.

If you are not sure where to start, or wish to find specific information quickly, why not use our new AI Bot below which will guide you to the right information