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GlobalPeople Publications

There are currently seven Global People publications (free downloadable pdf format). The Global People Toolbook and the Global People Competency Framework can also be purchased in printed form. If you would like printed copies of the other publications, please email us: 
A-lanscaping study
C-Competency Framework
  The Global People Landscaping Study: Intercultural Effectiveness in Global Education Partnerships. A multidisciplinary review of the notion of intercultural effectiveness. (2.89 MB)  

The Global People Toolbook: Managing the Life Cycle of Intercultural Partnerships. (6.48 MB)

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The Global People Competency Framework: Competencies for Intercultural Interaction. A framework, with authentic examples, for conceptualising intercultural competencies. (2.61 MB)
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  The Learning Process Model for Intercultural Partnerships. A detailed discussion of the role of learning within intercultural collaboration. (1.27 MB)   The Learning Process in Intercultural Collaboration: Evidence from the eChina-UK Programme to illustrate how learning takes place during an intercultural collaboration. (1.66 MB)   Sino-British Interaction in Professional Contexts. An introduction to key issues in Sino-UK interaction in professional contexts. (1.37 MB)  

   #7 Internationalisation in the UK Higher Education Sector. A Competency-based Approach  


#7 Internationalisation in the UK Higher
Education Sector. A Competency-based
(2010) This paper overviews
common approaches to internationalisation;
reviews the strategies adopted to develop
international or intercultural capabilities;
presents an argument for a competency-
based approach; and describes the initiatives
instigated at the University of Warwick.
(1.9 MB)