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Occasional Papers

Internationalisation of higher education
pdf image smallStrategic Planning for Internationalisation: Fostering Global Graduates through ‘Global Education’ Experiences. The Global Education Profiler (GEP) Student version. A Handbook. v.2 (2018) Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber.

pdf image small The Internationalisation of Higher Education. Developing Global Graduates. Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber. Warwick Social Sciences Policy Briefing.

pdf image small How internationalised is your university? From structural indicators to an agenda for integration. (2015) Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber

pdf image smallPromoting integration on campus: Principles, practice and issues for further investigation. (2014) Helen Spencer-Oatey, Daniel Dauber and Stephen Williams. Commissioned and published by UKCISA.

pdf image smallThe impact of intercultural experience. A survey of undergraduates at the University of Warwick (2010). Stuart Reid.
      Intercultural communication
      pdf image small Achieving mutual understanding for effective intercultural management. (2011) Helen Spencer-Oatey. (References updated 2014; links updated 2019)


      Promoting integration image