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Charles Darwin in Science and Culture: Thursday 15 October 2015

This workshop showcased our international portal and open-space learning between Warwick and Monash. An interdisciplinary group of experts were brought together to explore the radical life of Charles Darwin through performance, medicine, philosophy and literature. Special guests included Prof Mark Pallen (Warwick) and Prof Rob Brooks (UNSW) in a session that also drew upon Jonathan Heron's performance practice with the Student Ensemble.

Darwin flyer

Charles Darwin in Science and Culture
8-10am BST, Ramphal International Portal, University of Warwick [5-7pm, University of Monash Caulfield]

Contributors include:
Professor Rob Brooks (University of New South Wales; Author of Sex, Genes & Rock 'n' Roll: How Evolution Has Shaped the Modern World);
Professor Mark Pallen (Warwick Medical School; Author of the Rough Guide to Evolution);

and Associate Professor Eileen John (Philosophy department, University of Warwick).

Facilitated by Jonathan Heron (University of Warwick, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning) and Susie Ho (Monash University, School of Biological Sciences), this event was open to all members of the Warwick community, staff and students; to find about about similar events, please email

This was a pilot session for an interdisiplinary module in collaboration with Monash University.

For more information please visit our modules pages.