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Reinventing Education (IL008)


The module begins from the perspective that current educational structures and practices were designed for late 19th/early 20th century requirements – and that the current system is no longer appropriate for twenty-first century ways of living. Transformations in society, culture, economy, politics, employment and knowledge require us to fundamentally rethink how we perceive and organise education. Building on existing interdisciplinary literature, the module challenges existing modes of delivery and content and explores alternative educational approaches. Through a range of activities and discussions, it encourages students to reflect critically on their own educational experiences. Students are asked to design and justify new educational models that provide a better fit with our contemporary ways of living.

The module examines and critically engages with notions and models of education through a variety of approaches and disciplines. A rich and pluralistic appreciation of ‘education’ will be relevant to all Warwick graduates in their personal and professional lives.

The module aims to encourage students to:

  • Understand a range of radical critiques and alternative theorisations of education
  • Examine real alternatives to traditional state models of education
  • Think about how recent sociocultural, economic and political changes impact on the educational structures and practices
  • Consider and develop alternative approaches to education, making use of existing theories and research
  • Reflect on their own experiences as a learner in a variety of different contexts and settings
  • Think about what education could and should be


The module will run in the Autumn term and consists of 10 two hour workshops. Sessions will be discursive and exploratory – drawing from students' prior experiences in various educational settings, as well as from engagement with core readings. Activities will stimulate debate across disciplines. Assessment activities promote further discussion and encourage students to work together to reimagine educational structures and practices.

Indicative weekly topics (subject to change):

  1. The meaning and purpose of education
  2. What’s wrong with schooling
  3. The nature of learning
  4. Learning webs – widespread, informal, voluntary and lifelong experiences
  5. Education, transformation and subversion
  6. The role of the university
  7. Assessment reassessed
  8. Education, democracy and culture
  9. Technological advances – new threats and opportunities
  10. Educational futures – utopias and dystopias

Module convenors

Naomi de la Tour
(Naomi dot de-la-Tour at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Dr Nese Ceren Tosun
(n dot tosun at warwick dot ac dot uk)


Term 1 (Autumn) 2018-19
Tuesdays 10.00-12.00

Tuesdays 12.00-13.00: Optional development and collaboration hour, with tutors available. This is an additional hour and students are strongly encouraged to attend every week if possible.


Term 2 (Spring) 2018-19
Mondays 14.00-16.00

Mondays 16.00-17.00: Optional development and collaboration hour, with tutors available. This is an additional hour and students are strongly encouraged to attend this every week if possible.


Humanities Studio (H0.76)
Humanities Building


For 15 CATS:

Educational utopia/dystopia of 2500 words or equivalent, and roundtable discussion (100%)

For 12 CATS:

Educational utopia/dystopia of 2000 words or equivalent, and roundtable discussion (100%)

See also

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