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Interdisciplinary Voices - Dr Rebecca Limb

Do you have an interesting fact about yourself?

"I worked as a director and teacher in an amateur dramatic theatre company in Atherstone, England."

Why is interdisciplinary teaching and research important to students?

"Interdisciplinary teaching and research is reflective of student’s future working environments where it is common to collaborate with colleagues from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to achieve a shared goal."

What four words describe IATL?

"Collaborative, Innovative, Creative, Explorative."

One of IATL’S values is interdisciplinary teaching and research.

What does the term interdisciplinary mean to you?

"For me interdisciplinarity is the collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines to share methodologies, concepts and theories to solve wide reaching problems (instrumental interdisciplinarity) and critiquing these theories, methodologies and concepts (critical interdisciplinarity) to transform and dissolve the boundaries between disciplines.

This quote summarises my position on interdisciplinarity:

“In the longer run and for wide-reaching issues, more creative solutions tend to come from imaginative interdisciplinary collaboration.” - Robert J. Shiller"

How would you describe your role in IATL?

"I am currently an IATL/IAS Early Career Teaching Fellow. My research interest is in Medical Law and Ethics and in particular, children’s participation in decisions about their health care.
During the IATL fellowship I have conducted a qualitative research study investigating the use of lived experiences as a research and teaching pedagogy in higher education. "