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Interdisciplinary Voices - Dr Nese Ceren Tosun

Do you have an interesting fact about yourself?

"One of my co-teaching agents is a unicorn pinata, called Dr G.U.T (Gourmand Unicorn Tinata). I bring along Dr G.U.T to my food module, but also to other learning encounters, as a reminder of our gut feelings, intuitions, childlike joy and creativity that we usually try to leave outside of our classrooms. I think our excesses make us unique and interesting."

One of IATL’S values is interdisciplinary teaching and research.

What does the term interdisciplinary mean to you?

"Interdisciplinarity is the opportunity to challenge one’s perspective, habits of seeing and methodologies in exposure to others’ in a safe space of exchange and collective knowledge generation."

What four words describe IATL?

"Curious, innovative, playful, inquisitive"

Why is interdisciplinary teaching and research important to students?

"We live in a world of complexity, unprecedented social, economic, environment local and global challenges. Surviving the structures is necessary but not sufficient for our graduates. They need to be able to improvise and respond swiftly to the challenges posed by both today and tomorrow; and hopefully gracefully too. Interdisciplinary work at the higher education level allows a uniquely safe and fruitful environment to develop, practice and enhance these skills. It is also a tool for social (and not just academic resilience). If we would like to tackle the challenges of tomorrow, with confidence, versatility and creativity -and not just fearfully, interdisciplinarity is the way."

How would you describe your role in IATL?

"I am currently a Teaching Fellow in IATL. I contribute to compassionately collegial, courageously innovative teaching and learning activities of the institute mainly with three modules: Reinventing Education (Co-convened with Naomi de la Tour), Laughter & Food: The Medium is the Message (PG) modules. I will be running a workshop on Food-Enabled pedagogy on 25th of March, as part of the department’s Open Space Learning workshop series. I am also working on a project on playfully & collectively generating learning spaces with IATL co-creation officers."