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Poster Sessions

What is the effect of mini-jobs on youth employment outcomes?
Elettra Ardissino, Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences

Synthesis of novel chemical synthons for the generation of 'unnatural' polyketide product.

Andrew Armstrong, Chemistry, Faculty of Science

'Learning to smoke': European and Native North American experiences of tobacco and the tobacco trade​.
 Rachel Callear, History, Faculty of Arts

The Cyber Challenge- The Legal Response

Preetkiran Dhoot, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

The Effects of Time Perspective on Delay Discounting Ability and the Mediating Role of Affect

Phillippa Harrison, Psychology, Faculty of Science

The Effects of the Snowden Revelations for Critical Geopolitics: A Study of the Deterritorialisation of Power

Michele Lewis, Politics, Faculty of Social Sciences

Planetary Archaeology
Christopher Manser, Physics, Faculty of Science

"The Influence of Politics on the Perception of Property Rights in Cyprus after 1974."
Monica Mylordou, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

Earthquake-Proof Highrises - Fluid Viscous Dampers Placement Optimization in Seismic Design of Tall Structures
Jeffrey Pang, Engineering, Faculty of Science

"The impact of the Cypriot Financial Crisis on Investor Confidence"
Alexandra Perikleous, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

Investigating women's participation in decision-making within communities in Kono District, Sierra Leone, since the introduction of Fambul Tok.
Nancy Quilliam, Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences

The impact of the Common European Sales Law in business-to-business situations for Lithuania’s and the UK’s small and medium companies
Migle Vasiliauskaite, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

Evaluating the first stage of a universal wellbeing programme for medical students
Tom Walker, Medicine, Faculty of Medicine